Setting standards in half format

Rapida 76 at Druckerei Brücker


To realise plans to expand its service portfolio and secure maximum customer satisfaction, Druckerei Brücker was on the look-out for a productive, future-oriented and high-quality means of production.


Since the beginning of 2019, Druckerei Brücker has been using a Rapida 76 with six printing units and inline coater. This new press is engineered in the special enlarged format 605 x 750 mm and counts a DriveTronic feeder, the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS, FAPC plate changers and automatically disengaged inking units among its highlights. Further important features are synchronised washing systems, an extremely fast and highly precise inline measuring and control system, and the AutoRun function for autonomous print production. The coater and energy-efficient VariDryBlue dryer systems are ideal prerequisites for high-quality finishing.


With the new high-tech half-format press, Druckerei Brücker is defining the standards even beyond the local region. It prints short and medium runs on both paper and board, lending a further decisive boost to efficiency, flexibility and solution diversity. This can be seen as purposeful implementation of proprietor Dominik Brücker’s dual strategy for commercial and packaging printing. The sister company Interprint owns a five-colour Rapida 105 coater press, setting up an ideal portfolio of printing services covering both half and medium formats.

Druckerei Brücker

Druckerei Brücker in Gossau/Switzerland is a modern and regionally established printing business. Its success is built upon individual print solutions displaying a high degree of versatility, substrate flexibility, quality and creativity.

The Rapida 76 is a perfect match for our needs. With it and a Rapida 105 in our sister company Interprint, we have consistently implemented our dual strategy for commercial and packaging printing.
Dominik Brücker, proprietor
Druckerei Brücker
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