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The focus in modern printing companies is increasingly on a continuous workflow, from order acceptance through production to the delivery of the order. Since different presses and programs are used in each individual case, an optimum workflow cannot be bought off the peg. With LogoTronic CIPLinkX und LogoTronic Professional, Koenig & Bauer offers you the right tools for an optimum workflow. We cooperate closely with well-known suppliers of proprietary software, and can offer you integrated network solutions on a JDF basis (Job Definition Format). The most important presetting data from previous orders can be saved, thus significantly reducing setup times and waste in repeat jobs. LogoTronic is constantly being developed further; it now has a standardised user interface with simple operation, and is integrated in the central control console. In this way you can always keep an eye on all of the systems needed for a fast job change.

  • Workflow optimised to meet your Needs
  • Modern user interface with simple operation
  • Well-proven, modular system

LogoTronic Basic

All Koenig & Bauer commercial presses are equipped as standard with the LogoTronic Basic version. This guarantees the transfer of the most important presetting data to the printing press. LogoTronic Basic contains the CIPLink module (transfer of presetting data) as well as the optional paper and ink data logging. The printing company's own hardware is used for networking. To preset the press, the data for ink keys, ink duct roller and damping duct roller are transferred.

LogoTronic Professional

The use of LogoTronic Professional offers you many other advantages. The transfer of order and presetting data is supplemented by the systematic evaluation of production data and the connection of upstream PPS systems to the control console. The tried and tested system links production and administrative data to provide you with new, meaningful statements. The acquisition of press and operating data creates transparency at operative press level. Database access can either be direct or, optionally, through JDF.

JDFLink with LogoTronic Professional

The interconnection of LogoTronic Professional via the universal interface JDFLink offers the following advantages:

  • Continuously automated workflow (order data passed on to the control console from the proprietary software, job ticket can be dispensed with)
  • Access to LogoTronic Professional from all connected workstations
  • Reduction of setup times thanks to presetting or repeat data • More effective production printing time per shift
  • Less waste
  • Greater effectiveness and prevention of errors since data is collected only once
  • Improved controlling through exact press and production data for final costing (no need to fill out time sheets)
  • More control through the retrieval of all order, presetting and press data
  • Comprehensive and transparent information for the management
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