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Patras is a well-proven and high-performance AGV-based substrate reel transport system. It is designed to be extremely adaptable so that it can be used for supplying substrate to the reel splicers in corrugators, Cl Flexo, newspaper, commercial web presses and digital printing presses. Patras also allows automated stacking and pallet logistics for e.g. sheetfed printing or converting environments. Thanks to the modular concept, flexible adaptation to the respective production requirements and available space is possible. The options already implemented range from manual loading for a lower throughput to fully automated, large-scale systems that connect goods receipt, storage and partly used reel / waste material management. Patras is independent of the manufacturer of the corrugator, converting system or printing press and has defined hardware and software interfaces. With this transport system, considerable cost, time and waste savings can be achieved and efficiency and operational reliability significantly improved. Koenig & Bauer plans and implements space-optimised solutions tailored to your operational requirements. 

  • Highly efficient integrated substrate logistics from a single source
  • Modular design from manual to fully automatic
  • Can be embedded in ERP and inventory management systems

The Patras modular reel logistics system can easily transport paper rolls with a diameter of up to 1,800 mm (70.87 in), a width of up to 2,800 mm (110.24 in) and a weight of up to 6 t (6.6 US tons). This allows tower storage systems up to a height of 11.2 m (equivalent to 4 rolls of 2,800 mm each) to be realised. Along with the manual loading variant Patras M, Patras A stands for highly automated substrate logistics. As part of an integrated production process, Patras can bring enormous efficiency and cost benefits to your business.

At the highest level of automation, unloading, storage, glueing preparation, loading of the splicers, production changeover and disposal of remaining reels and waste material are carried out completely automatically. A significant advantage is the control and monitoring of the processes at modern control consoles. A production management system connects Patras, the fully automated EcoSplice splicing preparation system and the Koenig & Bauer reel changers to form a consistent logistics system. The press personnel primarily fulfil a monitoring function and only intervenes manually in exceptions. The relevant machine conditions are displayed using clearly laid-out data screens. Functions carried out by the system, such as reel changes, are documented for subsequent evaluation. We offer you practice-proven storage and transport systems specifically adapted to fit the space available. SRVs (storage and retrieval vehicles), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), semi-automatic reel-striping, automatic splicing preparation stations and slat conveyors are just some of the many options that can be used. Here, Koenig & Bauer acts as your trusted advisor, thus ensuring that the systems and components delivered are the most cost-effective and logistically appropriate for your individual production scenario.

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