CI-Flexo ServiceFit for the future with retrofits by Koenig & Bauer

The objective of any company is to achieve as efficient a value-added chain as possible. A precondition for this is high machine availability with trouble-free production sequences that can be planned. For this reason: make your rotary press fit for the future.

Be fit and stay fit – with press and controller retrofits

For example with a retrofit for your out-of-date press and controller technology. In this way you can maintain the customary high productivity of your press, as well as spare parts availability, even over a longer press service life.

Fit for the future, by modifying your printing press

Adaptability is one of the most important properties for long-term success. This is why you should react to changes in general conditions, for example increasing cost pressure or frequent changes in print volumes – by modifying your printing press. Here we can offer you a large number of services, such as:

  • Expanding your printing press with additional assemblies and press components
  • Reconfiguring your press, for example for a narrower or variable web width
  • Increased production reliability
  • Reliable availability of spare parts
  • Increased press availability
  • Tailored retrofit services
  • Calculable costs
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