Corrugated post-printing & processing

Our comprehensive portfolio of flexo post-printing presses from Koenig & Bauer Celmacch covers the full spectrum – from the entry model to a high-performance production line – and thereby offers the ideal solution for practically all production requirements. Across all performance classes, our high-productivity Chroma presses define the standards in terms of output, flexibility and reliability. 
By combining our more than 200 years of expertise in print with more than 40 years of experience pooled in the Celmacch Group, we are your perfect partner when it comes to corrugated packaging.

Single pass inside-outside printing

We offer the new technology of inside and outside printing in a single pass to all companies. The two-sides printing in one single working process allows not only a significant increase of efficiency, but also a considerable reduction of production costs. Chroma 2S for all models of Chroma High Tech series and Chroma Smart series available

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Flexo print & rotary die-cutting

Our ChromaCUT machine family offers you solutions for printing and die-cutting practically any corrugated board product. A comprehensive portfolio of high board line machines in all price and performance classes caters to every production and productivity requirement. Diverse options permit you to tailor a machine to create exactly the configuration that you need for a successful business. And the results are convincing: high colour brilliance, vibrant images and pin-sharp details maximise the attention the products will attract.

Flexo printing

A unique overall concept that combines the latest technologies and functions with straightforward and intuitive operation – that is what distinguishes our presses for flexo post-printing on corrugated board. Whichever model you choose, you can look forward to a perfect performance and optimum print quality for your production, whether for simple packaging or exceptionally sophisticated displays. Our presses are suitable for operation both as a stand-alone solution and as a component of a production line together with conventional flatbed die-cutters. Innovative solutions for the print process, unique technical features and a broad range of options that facilitate individual configurations have always been our trademark strengths.

Digital post-printing

The press the corrugated industry has spent years waiting for – from the specialists at Koenig & Bauer Durst: Direct digital post-printing on corrugated board sheets with the CorruJET. Using the extensive experience gained with the RotaJET digital web press as a basis, the CorruJET was developed specifically for production with corrugated board. A unique overall concept for digital printing directly onto corrugated board, combining the newest and latest technologies and functions with simple and intuitive handling – the CorruJET is engineered for the efficient production of corrugated sheets with top-quality digital printing.

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