Finishing and Post-pressCutPRO X 106

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AirTronic delivery – full preset capabilities

  • Venturi sheet guiding system provides for innovative, air-cushioned and thus contact-free sheet transport for the broadest range of substrates, including particularly sensitive materials
  • Dynamic sheet brake of the Rapida 106 X ensures “picture-perfect pallets” with absolutely straight pile edges for immediate further processing without manual intervention, even at die-cutting speeds up to 15,000 sheets/hr
  • Fastest possible makeready thanks to full preset capabilities for all air and format settings

Process units – performance and precision in creasing, embossing and die-cutting

  • Common unit design with double-size back cylinders for maximum substrate flexibility from 0.03 mm film to 0.6 mm board
  • High ease of operation thanks to fast and precise positioning of the die-cutting forme on a magnetic cylinder with register pin system
  • Fastest possible makeready and job changeovers for maximum productivity

Magnetic cylinder – the heart of the process unit

  • Precision-ground magnetic cylinder with permanent magnets and register pin system for fast, exact and tool-free die-cutter unit positioning
  • Precise setting of the die-cutting pressure in 1 µm steps – separately for each side of the cylinder – guarantees ultimate accuracy and perfect die-cutting results
  • Convenient, user-friendly mounting of
    • complete formes with register punching, making use of the “click & cut” principle
    • individual die segments (e.g. Braille texts), which can be positioned freely within the area of the sheet without the need for tools

Sheet travel – efficient and reliable

  • Maximum performance in the production process thanks to gentle, air-cushioned sheet guiding with blower systems and Venturi guide plates
  • All sheet travel functions can be controlled from the machine console, with full preset capabilities for repeat jobs and individual fine adjustment to suit every substrate
  • Universal gripper systems for reliable sheet transfer and absolute register accuracy at all production speeds – with no need for adjustments to accommodate substrate thickness changes

Sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System) – simply ingenious

  • Koenig & Bauer only
  • Significant waste savings thanks to reliable, marking-free sheet alignment, irrespective of substrate thickness
  • Stable production processes and high availability thanks to fewer stoppages and exact infeed register

DriveTronic feeder – convenient and time-saving

  • Absolute sheet feeding precision and production speeds up to 15,000 sheets/hr thanks to innovative DriveTronic dedicated drive technologies from the makeready world champion Rapida 106
  • Process reliability and maximum flexibility, even with demanding substrates
  • Fastest possible makeready with full preset capabilities for all air and format settings

Ready for the next step – the rotary die-cutter CutPRO X 106

One machine, 3 segments, 5 technologies: Ultimate performance with production speeds up to 15,000 sheets/hr in embossing, creasing, die-cutting, stripping and blanking – the rotary die-cutter CutPRO X 106 maximises the efficiency of your post-press department.

Brochure CutPRO X 106
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Developed on the basis of the Rapida medium-format press series, it incorporates the very latest die-cutting technology for a virtually boundless scope of applications: Die-cutting, embossing, creasing, perforating, Braille texts on pharmaceuticals packaging, elegant presentation folders or inmould labels for paint buckets – everything is possible. After all, the CutPRO X 106 is tailored precisely to your future-oriented in-house production needs:

  • Maximum performance and impressive die-cutting speeds up to 15,000 sheets/hr
  • Ultimate productivity thanks to state-of-the-art features from the Rapida medium-format press series
  • Separate process units for unrivalled flexibility
  • Exceptional quality thanks to register accuracies down to 15 µm and individual setting of the die-cutting pressure in 1 µm steps
  • Minimal waste and quality costs as the basis for significant savings

You can choose from a whole range of different configurations and equipment packages. Depending on your particular requirements and applications – for products of the highest quality, die-cut with absolute precision and care.

Outstanding features of the CutPRO X 106:

  • Significantly enhanced efficiency with die-cutting speeds up to 15,000 sheets/hr
  • Net sheet output per hour is practically doubled compared to conventional production processes
  • Innovative automation concept adopted from the makeready world champion Rapida 106 for the fastest possible makeready and job changeovers
  • Tailored performance packages cater for an exceptionally broad spectrum of products
  • Perfect pile quality – “picture-perfect pallets” – allows immediate further processing of the die-cut sheets, without additional manual intervention, as a significant benefit in the production of inmould labels
  • Separate process units for maximum ease of operation, flexibility and uncompromising quality

Your segment benefits in detail

Maximum substrate flexibility with the CutPRO X 106

The CutPRO X 106 is a genuine all-rounder for applications in the fields of labels, commercial printing and packaging.

The production spectrum stretches from ultra-thin inmould films up to 0.6 mm board. That is made possible by the low-curvature sheet guiding concept of the CutPRO X  platform, with double-size back cylinders and transfer drums. Aerodynamically optimised sheet guide plates lend additional reliability to sheet transport. From the DriveTronic feeder through to the delivery pile.

Depending on your planned application, you can choose from a range of special performance packages. They enable high-speed die-cutting production, also with sensitive substrates. Individually tailored, matched to particular substrates, and designed for outputs up to 15,000 sheets per hour.

Very fast makeready

Still on makeready or already cutting? The question becomes irrelevant on the CutPRO X 106. State-of-the-art automation modules provide for extremely short makeready times compared to flat-bed die-cutters. A complete job changeover, for example, is completed in no more than 15 minutes.

Job data can be transferred via an integrated USB port, or else presetting data are loaded via CIPLinkX or LogoTronic Professional.

Sheet separation and transport into the machine is fast and extremely precise – no problem with the high-performance feeder of the CutPRO X 106. Koenig & Bauer DriveTronic dedicated drive technology ensures absolute ease of operation and the fastest possible makeready.

A die-cutting forme change is completed in approx. 2 minutes. Tool-free and convenient, following the principle of automated forme changes on the coater of a sheetfed offset press. A laser sensor scans the die-cutting forme to enable automatic presetting of the forme thickness. This eliminates the time-consuming fine alignment of the die-cutting forme which is otherwise necessary on a flat-bed machine.

By the way, all job-specific machine settings can be saved for later recall. That saves time in case of repeat jobs!

Perfect die-cutting results

The heart of the die-cutting unit is a precision-ground magnetic cylinder running in play-free bearings. The true-running accuracy of this cylinder is +/- 5 µm. Permanent magnets ensure reliable fixing of the die-cutting forme.

An additional register pin system permits fast and precise forme positioning. Lateral, circumferential and diagonal register functions provide for fine adjustment relative to the sheet.

CNC-manufactured dies stand for absolute accuracy and minimum tolerances. They enable cutting of even the smallest radii and contours, which would not be possible with the steel rules of a flat-bed forme.

The ultimate precision of die-cutting is also supported by the exact pressure control between the forme and back cylinders. The pressure is set from the ErgoTronic operating panel in steps of 1 µm.

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