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Koenig & Bauer's wide ranging sheetfed offset portfolio has a laser focused aim, and that is to offer you highly profitable solutions across the packaging, commercial and label segments. We offer the widest industry portfolio from B2 to large format. Across all format classes, high-performance Rapida presses set industry leading standards in terms of productivity, colour control, flexibility and efficiency. In large format and packaging printing Rapidas are already the established market leaders, and we have similar aims for the commercial and label segments. You, of course, are always trying to innovate, so we strive to offer unique solutions for print and sheet enhancement, game changing technical features and tailored configurations to meet your requirements. These have always been core strengths of Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed.

Half Format

Industrialised print production for the B2 sector – specifically designed to offer all the benefits of our larger sized presses but in half format. The latest generation has recently been upgraded and redesigned to offer you even more benefits in your daily business. Our available options allow you to tailor the machine specifically for your needs, be it packaging, commercial, or label.

Medium Format

Medium format is the largest industry sector, and that’s why we offer a wide range of machines to cater for every segment, every output volume requirement and every level of printed sheet complexity. All of our medium format machines are aimed at fitting your productivity needs therefore offering you maximum profitability. A high degree of tailored options allow you to specifically make it your machine, for your market.

Large Format

For the high volume producers in need of a bigger sheet size, our large-format family is by far the industry leader in terms of market share and production capability. These machines are used to being worked hard, producing an amazing number of sellable sheets per year. Countless unique features and a design focused on productivity are aimed at maximising profitability for you.

Rapida 145/164
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