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Optimise all of the processes in your production and benefit from the advantages and competence of well-trained staff. Koenig & Bauer gives your staff practical training on our modern machines.  

Our highly qualified trainers have learned their job from scratch and know our technology right down to the last detail. They can pass their expert knowledge on to your staff. Practical relevance is the most important criterion. Invest in the education and training of your staff and take full advantage of the potential of your Koenig & Bauer systems. In this way you can assure the cost-effectiveness and quality of your production.  


We are not only a manufacturer of printing presses, but also a supplier of solutions. As such, we should be pleased to support you with useful services so that you can concentrate on your business and your customers. 

Our project engineers will analyse your production needs and, from an economic and technical point of view, will choose the best solution for you from our wide range of machinery and equipment. We can support you in

  • the optimisation of your production process
  • the practical training of your staff
  • the configuration of the right press for your needs
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