Half FormatRapida 76

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ErgoTronic console

  • Clear and intuitive operation via a 23-inch full HD touchscreen
  • Fast and convenient selection of all operating functions with a maximum of two taps on the touchscreen

AirTronic delivery

  • Venturi sheet guide plates for contact-free sheet guiding
  • Dynamic sheet brake comprising 3 suction modules with pre-suction wheels and speed-compensated suction belts
  • Full preset capability of all air and format settings ensures the fastest possible makeready

QualiTronic ColorControl

  • Inline colour measurement on every sheet for constant print quality over the whole length of a run
  • Extremely fast inking control system reduces waste to an absolute minimum


  • Tool-free automated coating forme change (SAPC) in 45 seconds
  • Automatic coating supply and cleaning system for simple and clean handling

Disengageable inking units

  • Individual inking units can be engaged or disengaged as required for the job in hand
  • No need to apply roller paste and no washing down to resume production

Simultaneous plate change SPC

  • Fully automatic and simultaneous plate change in all printing units, also in perfecting mode
  • Fastest B2 plate change in the world at 45 seconds

Sheet travel

  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for stress-free sheet travel and ultimate substrate flexibility from 0.04 to 0.8 mm
  • Hardened gripper tips and finely structured gripper pads for maximum holding forces and precise sheet transfer
  • Venturi sheet guide plates for marking- and scratch-free production

DriveTronic SIS

  • Exact sheet alignment placing only a minimum of stress on the substrate
  • Control via the ErgoTronic console eliminates all manual settings and operator intervention

DriveTronic feeder

  • DriveTronic dedicated drive technology for absolute precision and high production speeds
  • Four servo motors to control all feeder functions
  • Full preset capability of all air and format settings ensures the fastest possible makeready

Full automation in half format

The Rapida 76 sets new standards in B2 sheetfed offset. The unique Koenig & Bauer features and automation functions seen in medium format machines are now available for our half format customers. Full preset capabilities, a sidelay-free infeed and even more flexible configurations means the format class can cater for all segments and levels of job complexity.

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Even broader scope of applications

The Rapida 76 is a highly efficient press for a diversity of applications.

In packaging printing, configurations of up to ten printing units, numerous coating options, raised foundations for higher piles, an especially wide substrate range, and production speeds up to 18,000 sheets/h. For commercial printers we focus our technology on transitioning from job to job as quickly as possible, reducing waste by minimising run up sheets to good colour, then maintaining that tight tolerance throughout the run. 

All Rapida 76 features and options are designed to assist you in reducing costs and maximising your profitability, features such as:

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  • Simultaneous Plate Changing system (SPC) changes all plates in under 1 minute
  • Simultaneous washing processes using CleanTronic technology, drastically reduces job to job transition time
  • Unique Sensoric Infeed System (DriveTronic SIS) offers maximum sheet accuracy, consistent feeder operation, and maximum printing uptime
  • Full preset capabilities throughout the press, ensuring precise and minimal job transition times
  • QualiTronic colour control and PDF check options quickly control content, attain good colour and maintain tight colour tolerance on the run, minimises waste and maximises good sellable sheets on the floor
  • Highly flexible and customisable configurations of up to 10 units plus coater

Outstanding productivity and economic efficiency

With printing speeds up to 18,000 sheets/h, the Rapida 76 is one of the most productive sheetfed offset presses in B2 format. And not only that, it’s substrate flexibility is equally impressive. The standard press handles sheet thicknesses from 0.04 to 0.6 mm, and therefore covers all typical applications in commercial and packaging printing. This also makes it ideally suited for many other special applications.

The configuration options of the Rapida 76 are similarly flexible and configurations of up to ten printing and finishing units are possible. Numerous coating variants, from straightforward all-over protection to special effects and spot finishes, as well as raised press foundations or energy-saving VariDryBlue dryers, further expand the production portfolio. Fast-reacting measuring and control systems ensure consistently high print quality and reduce waste to a minimum.

Designed to offer minimal job to job transition time, high net running speeds and measuring systems that enable maximum good sellable sheets on the floor in the B2 format is simple aim of the Rapida 76.

Fastest possible makeready

Job transition from last good sheet to first good sheet means more available time to print. The DriveTronic dedicated drive concept enables lightning fast makereadies. From the shaftless DriveTronic feeder, via the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS to a whole range of drive functions in the printing units, this technology extends the functionality of the whole press and promises more than just fast makeready.

With the fully automatic sequential plate changing system (SPC), all plates are changed in under one minute. The changes are performed in parallel to other makeready processes, such as the washing of blankets, rollers and impression cylinder. DriveTronic Plate Ident detects and identifies the plates as they are mounted on the press and adjusts the register even before the first sheet is printed.


Cutting-edge technology focused on your profitability

With the Rapida 76, you possess a means of production at the highest technological level. Gentle, air-cushioned sheet transport, low-curvature sheet travel and full preset capabilities – everything has been taken care of.

Additionally there is the facility to disengage unused printing units, a “print clean” function to strip the remaining ink at the end of a job in order to minimise waste and blanket washing times, plus the ErgoTronic console with its wallscreen and highly intuitive operator interface.

Peripheral equipment and production management systems round off the configuration options of the Rapida 76 and leave no productivity wish unanswered.

Standard Optional
max. sheet format 530 x 750 mm 605 x 750 mm
max. production speed 16.000 sheets/h 18.000 sheets/h
Substrate thickness 0,04 - 0,6 mm 0,04 - 0,8 mm
Printing Units 2 - 10 -
Sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS -
Fully automatic plate change FAPC -
Venturi sheet guidance -
CleanTronic washing systems -
VariDry dryer systems -
AirTronic delivery with dynamic sheet brake -
ErgoTronic console with TouchTronic interface -
Quality measurement and control systems -
Remote maintenance module PressSupport 24 Sheetfed -
Workflow solutions for printshop networking -

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