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  • Koenig & Bauer expands its portfolio for the folding carton market
  • Joint venture with a strong partner for digital print
  • Strategies in the age of digital transformation  
  • Koenig & Bauer Report No. 54 is out now. The latest 60-page issue of the Group’s customer magazine spotlights current news, innovations and trends from the print industry. Boasting a revised layout, it contains a wealth of articles and reports on interesting developments relating to sheetfed and web offset, digital and flexo printing, and numerous special applications.

    In his editorial, president and CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann outlines the course of continuous growth pursued by Koenig & Bauer. The acquisition of a majority stake in Duran Machinery has enabled the world’s oldest press manufacturer to further expand its product portfolio for the prospering folding carton market. At the same time, Koenig & Bauer and Durst Phototechnik have signed a letter of intent on the founding of a joint venture to drive the development of digital print solutions for folding carton and corrugated board printing.

    The latest 60-page issue of Koenig & Bauer Report spotlights current news, innovations and trends from the print industry

    One year before the next drupa opens its doors, the magazine also sheds light on the strategies adopted by the Group in this age of advancing digital transformation. With a range of service offers based on the evaluation of press and production data, Koenig & Bauer has been one of the pioneers of digital transformation in print for more than 20 years. In 2018, the presentation of further developments using artificial intelligence added yet another aspect to the digitally networked production environment envisaged by Koenig & Bauer.

    With a new image campaign, Koenig & Bauer is continuing implementation of the brand relaunch initiated to mark its 200-year anniversary. The campaign illustrates the fascination of the world of print and underlines the added value it brings. Koenig & Bauer Report offers a first glimpse of the images to come.

    Koenig & Bauer Report is published in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Printed copies can be requested from our local regional offices or from the central marketing department of

    Koenig & Bauer AG
    Tel.: +49 (0)931 909-4567
    Fax +49 (0)931 909-6015
    E-mail: marketing@koenig-bauer.com

    Koenig & Bauer Report is also made available as a digital web magazine (in all the aforementioned languages and additionally in Portuguese). The digital magazine can be read at report.koenig-bauer.com and is furthermore offered for download at https://www.koenig-bauer.com/downloads/koenig-bauer-report/.

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    news-1359 Wed, 17 Apr 2019 13:24:43 +0200 Koenig & Bauer puts in a strong appearance in the Middle Kingdom https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-puts-in-a-strong-appearance-in-the-middle-kingdom/
  • Convincing products and services
  • Contracts worth several tens of millions of euros signed during the fair
  • Strong post-fair business expected  
  • Many visual details, such as this waterfall with its welcome messages, held visitors under their spell (1)
    A stand measuring more than 1,000 m2 enabled Koenig & Bauer to present future-oriented print technology in all its facets at the Print China trade fair held in Guangdong from 9th to 13th April. The highlights for visitors included live print demonstrations on an eight-colour Rapida 106 perfector with additional inline coating, as well as a Rapida 75 PRO in a five-colour configuration. At the same time, the fair team provided comprehensive information on further innovative solutions from the fields of digital and flexo printing, metal decorating, post-press and other special applications.

    Practice-oriented press presentations were a magnet with fair visitors (2)
    From the very first day of the fair, trade visitors praised the sophisticated and high-quality stand design, the numerous print demonstrations and the diverse info points on special topics. At the same time, they were impressed by the smart print technologies addressing current branch trends. The digitisation concept summarised under the banner of Koenig & Bauer 4.0 captivated the gathered print professionals in the same way as a comprehensive portfolio of classic and new data-driven services.

    Print demonstration on the largest sheetfed offset press on the Koenig & Bauer stand, an eight-colour Rapida 106 with coater and extended delivery (5)

    Contracts worth several tens of millions of euros

    A pen box illustrated the finishing and processing options which become available with the rotary die-cutter Rapida RDC 106 (3)
    By the end of the fair, contracts worth several tens of millions of euros had been signed with printing companies throughout China and from several other countries in South and Southeast Asia. Rapida sheetfed presses in all classes, from half to large format, were in high demand. The customers appreciate Koenig & Bauer as a partner who offers tailored equipment geared to maximising their individual business success. They place trust in stability, reliability and good service. Not least for these reasons, many companies who already use Rapida presses return to Koenig & Bauer with further orders.

    That was the case with Fuzhou Xingkai Color Printing, for example. The company has owned a Rapida 105 in a four-colour configuration since 2011. At Print China, now, a follow-up order was placed for a seven-colour Rapida 105 with coater and UV facilities.

    Ceremony marking the signing of contracts for a Rapida 145 to be supplied to Ningxia Jihong Environmental Packaging Technology (7)

    Xiamen Lutengda Printing and Zhejiang Chuangsijie Printing each signed up for a new Rapida 164 (max. sheet format 1,205 x 1,640 mm). Xiamen Lutengda, too, is a longstanding user of large-format presses from Koenig & Bauer. With this latest investment, the company is planning to enhance efficiency by reducing energy consumption. For Zhejiang Chuangsijie Printing, the new Rapida 164 is seen as the key to new ventures in packaging production.

    The fair team of Koenig & Bauer was more than happy with their successes at Print China (6)

    Ningxia Jihong Environmental Packaging Technology positions itself as a smart, highly automated and especially ecological print factory. At Print China, the company ordered a five-colour Rapida 145 with coater, FAPC fully automatic plate changers and a whole raft of further automation features. This will be one of the most highly automated presses in China, and will enable Ningxia Jihong to continue implementation of its ambitious energy-saving and environmental strategies, while at the same time boosting efficiency and reducing labour costs.

    Brisk post-fair business expected

    Separate lounges were a source of information on digitisation processes and data-driven services (4)
    In addition to the contracts which have already been signed, Koenig & Bauer is looking forward to brisk post-fair business. Many print industry decision-makers expressed their enthusiastic interest in both equipment and services and are planning to invest. All in all, this enables Dietmar Heyduck, sales director for Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed, and Walter Zehner, managing director of Koenig & Bauer Greater China, to give an extremely positive summary:

    Dietmar Heyduck: “China is one of the most important world markets for Koenig & Bauer. The visitor numbers and contracts concluded at Print China exceeded our expectations.” Walter Zehner adds: “With digital products such as the CorruJET, we are in a good position on the international market. There was also enormous interest in the VariJET for digital folding carton production among our Chinese customers. We are delighted to be able to demonstrate the successful transformation of our company from a traditional press manufacturer into a leading supplier of digital solutions.”

    Xiamen Lutengda Printing ordered a Rapida 164 at Print China (8)

    The fair visitors were similarly keen to obtain information on further products and services from the extensive Koenig & Bauer portfolio, for example rotary and flatbed die-cutters, folder-gluers, the RotaJET, flexo solutions, coding technologies and especially the whole field of corrugated printing, which was showcased for the first time at a trade fair in China. Numerous promising projects are also in the pipeline in these segments.  

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    news-1357 Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:00:00 +0200 Acquisition: Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH acquires All-Print Holding A.B https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/acquisition-koenig-bauer-coding-gmbh-acquires-all-print-holding-ab/ With the acquisition of All-Print Holding A.B., which comprises, as a majority shareholder in Svenska Allen A.B. and All-Print i Linköping A.B, two specialists in marking and coding technologies, the German Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH extends its portfolio by print and apply technologies. At the same time, Koenig & Bauer coding expands its direct sales and service network with this investment to Scandinavia.

    The wide spectrum of print and apply technologies of All-Print i Linköping rounds-off Koenig & Bauer Coding´s portfolio with a complete range of products for the globally growing packing market. Koenig & Bauer Coding already has a strong presence in primary and secondary packaging market, so there is a natural synergy between the two companies.

    Contract signing Acquisition of All-Print Holding A.B. (left to right)

    front: Oliver Volland, CEO Koenig & Bauer Coding, Magnus Folcke, CEO All-Print Holding, German Stuis, CEO Koenig & Bauer Coding

    back: Henrik Wenkert, Wigge & Partners, Mats Boman, Setterwalls Advokatbyrå, Marcus Persson, All-Print, Tobias Haag, Svenska Allen, Johan Avefeldt, All-Print, Christopher Kessler, General Counsel Koenig & Bauer AG

    With Svenska Allen, Koenig & Bauer Coding gains another experienced and well-respected sales- and service team to serve its customers in Scandinavia´s marking & coding industries.

    „With more than 30 years of experience in marking and coding applications and our strong design and distribution departments, we will certainly contribute to and benefit from the growth path of Koenig & Bauer Coding. And so will our customers all over the world.“, states Magnus Folcke, CEO of All-Print Holding.

    Oliver Volland, CEO of Koenig & Bauer Coding adds: „This acquisition is of significant importance for our operations and substantially add to the range of capabilities that we can offer our customers. We are delighted to welcome the All-Print group members in the company. Together we can add an even wider choice of sustainable solutions to our offering“.

    The transaction was professionally supported and accompanied by „Setterwalls Advokatbyrå“, Stockholm, Sweden.  

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    news-1353 Fri, 12 Apr 2019 09:35:00 +0200 Successful start to Print China for Koenig & Bauer https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/successful-start-to-print-china-for-koenig-bauer/
  • Biggest trade fair for Koenig & Bauer in 2019
  • 7th and 8th Rapida sheetfed offset presses for Tianjin Haishun Printing & Packaging
  • Contracts already signed on the first day of the fair  
  • The over 1,000 m2 Koenig & Bauer stand at Print China was already a strong magnet for visitors on the first days of the fair (1)

    At the important Print China trade fair, which is taking place in Guangdong from 9th to 13th April, Koenig & Bauer is showcasing its latest press and process technologies for the half and medium format markets, with presentations covering an area of more than 1,000 m2. The stand in Hall 3 was already a strong magnet for visitors on the first days of the fair. That is also no surprise, as Koenig & Bauer offers a broad spectrum of solutions to further the business success of users in every market segment. Print China 2019 is the biggest trade fair of the year for Koenig & Bauer.

    Live presentation of the eight-colour Rapida 106 perfector for 4-over-4 production with additional coating (5)

    Live demonstrations of automation processes

    Official handing-over of the eight-colour Rapida 106 perfector with additional coating to Tianjin Haishun Printing & Packaging (2)
    Special treats for the fair visitors are without doubt the live print demonstrations on an eight-colour Rapida 106 perfector for 4-over-4 production with additional inline coating and on a five-colour Rapida 75 PRO. Further innovations on show include efficient workflow solutions, data-driven services and – for the first time at a trade fair in China – the Rapida LiveApps for press control, monitoring and maintenance (ErgoTronicApp) and for inventory management and consumables tracking (ProductionApp).

    Key aspects of the print demonstrations on both presses are the automation solutions for washing processes (CleanTronic), for automated plate changing, and for quality monitoring and control. At the same time, the trade public is able to obtain all the latest information on cold foil finishing options and developments relating to the UV process. At every opportunity, the high-quality print samples, whether pencil boxes, posters, cut-out models or brochures, are snapped up straight from the printers’ hands. At further info points, visitors to the stand can also learn more about innovative solutions from the fields of digital and flexo printing, metal decorating, post-press and other special applications.

    On the Rapida 75 PRO, fair visitors can witness the printing of posters and cut-out models with a series of fast makeready processes (4)

    Handing-over of the exhibition presses and first new orders

    The first highlight of the fair was the official handing-over of the two Rapida presses on the fair stand to their future owners. Tianjin Haishun Printing & Packaging from Tianjin already took possession of its new Rapida 106 at a ceremony on the first day. This is the seventh sheetfed press from Koenig & Bauer for one of the largest print companies in Northern China. And an eighth press is currently on its way to China from the factory in Germany.

    Zhuhai Huazhongming Technology plans to enter the market for UV printing with an eight-colour Rapida 105 with inline coater. The contracts for the new press were signed on the first day of the fair (3)

    The Rapida 75 PRO will be moving on to Zhejiang DingNuo Printing Co., a commercial and packaging printer in Eastern China, after the fair. The new half-format press will then enable the company to further expand its activities in fields such as paper packaging.

    The opening day of the fair also brought the first new orders for Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed. Zhuhai Huazhongming Technology, for example, has ordered an eight-colour Rapida 105 with coater and UV facilities. The company plans to use the press to produce a range of packaging with high-quality UV finishes.

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    news-1349 Thu, 11 Apr 2019 09:39:51 +0200 Durst and Koenig & Bauer sign joint venture agreement for digital packaging printing systems https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/durst-and-koenig-bauer-sign-joint-venture-agreement-for-digital-packaging-printing-systems/
  • 50/50 joint venture agreement signed in Munich
  • Joint development and marketing of single-pass digital printing systems for the folding carton and corrugated fiberboard industry
  • Antitrust clearance for Koenig & Bauer Durst GmbH expected by the end of May  
  • Joint Venture Signing Koenig & Bauer Durst (left to right): Stefan Kappaun, EVP Inks & Fluids, Durst Group; Christopher Kessler, General Counsel, Koenig & Bauer AG; Christoph Gamper, CEO & Co-Owner, Durst Group; Christian Gatterer, CFO, Durst Group; Jochen Sproll, Project Manager Corporate Development, Koenig & Bauer AG; Claus Bolza-Schünemann, CEO, Koenig & Bauer AG; Harald Oberrauch, Owner Durst Group

    Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, and Koenig & Bauer, the world’s second-largest printing press manufacturer, signed a 50/50 joint venture agreement in Munich on Wednesday, April 10. The signing of the agreement paves the way for the joint development and marketing of single-pass digital printing systems for the folding carton and corrugated fiberboard industry. The antitrust clearance that is still required from the relevant antitrust authorities before “Koenig & Bauer Durst GmbH” can be officially established is expected to be granted in the next few weeks. Business operations should then commence by the end of May and a Managing Director will be appointed. Koenig & Bauer Durst GmbH will have its registered office in Würzburg and cooperate closely with both parent companies’ global network. Initially, the joint venture portfolio will comprise the Koenig & Bauer CorruJET 170 and the Durst SPC 130 – including all associated services and the ink business, as well as the development of the VariJET 106.

    “It was a short path from letter of intent to official signature because the negotiations had already been conducted in a spirit of genuine cooperation,” says Christoph Gamper, CEO of the Durst Group. “We want to work efficiently and purposefully towards a common goal – tapping the huge potential that digital production lines offer for the packaging industry.”

    “Koenig & Bauer Durst will combine different key technology areas and market expertise to perfect effect,” says Claus Bolza-Schünemann, CEO of Koenig & Bauer AG. “I am convinced that the joint venture will benefit from the spirit embodied by both companies and that something really special is emerging here. The packaging industry is looking for new, more efficient production opportunities and Koenig & Bauer Durst will supply the necessary digital solution.

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    news-1344 Mon, 08 Apr 2019 12:54:13 +0200 Company invests in RotaJET 225 https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/company-invests-in-rotajet-225/
  • Investment in digital print
  • Individualisation of decors
  • Highly efficient printing of shorter runs
  • Flexible, powerful and productive  

    3D schematic of a RotaJET 225 for digital decor printing

    Yet another company is investing in a RotaJET 225 for 4/0 production from Koenig & Bauer. Following the purchase of a second press by Interprint GmbH in Arnsberg, a further user has now opted for digital print. Koenig & Bauer executive board member Christoph Müller: “We expect sustainable future growth in the industrial print markets. And that applies in particular to digital decor and packaging printing, two important segments for Koenig & Bauer. With web widths up to 225 cm, the RotaJET is an optimum means of production in both fields.” Alongside the decor press for Interprint, for example, Koenig & Bauer was already able to announce the sale of a RotaJET 168 to TetraPak in January. And as recently reported, the first CorruJET has now entered the commissioning phase at HANS KOLB Wellpappe.

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    news-1333 Wed, 27 Mar 2019 13:00:32 +0100 Award for a coming icon of digital print https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/award-for-a-coming-icon-of-digital-print/
  • Award for innovative digital printing press from Koenig & Bauer
  • Jury praises design language and colour scheme of the VariJET 106
  • International label for outstanding design  
  • Koenig & Bauer received the coveted trophy at the 2019 iF Design Award Night (1)
    “Complex and iconic at the same time” – those were the words of the iF Design Award jury when praising the VariJET 106 digital press from Koenig & Bauer. They were especially convinced by the modern design language and clear colour contrasts. Accordingly, Koenig & Bauer was able to take home a “Gold Winner” trophy in the category “Product” after the grand award ceremony in Munich on 15th March.  

    A jury of 67 international experts evaluated 6,400 entries from 50 countries before selecting the most innovative design developments in seven categories. One of their chosen prizewinners was the brand new VariJET 106 digital printing press from Koenig & Bauer. It is on course to be made available to the first interested customers in 2020, but is already causing quite a stir: In its award statement, the jury commended the clear structures in the outward appearance of the VariJET, which follows the new product design recently introduced by Koenig & Bauer. The contrasting corporate colours grey and blue, with individual illuminated elements as highlights, contribute to what was called “a classy approach”.  

    The clearly structured VariJET 106 impressed the international iF Design Award jury with its individual and sophisticated design language (2)

    On the technical side, the press combines the advantages of the inkjet technology with those of a classic offset process. “With our modern press design, we are setting not only technical, but also visual standards,” says Dagmar Ringel, head of corporate communication and marketing at Koenig & Bauer. “The iF Design Award strengthens us in our conviction that we are on the right track.”  

    For 65 years now, the iF Design Award has served as an internationally recognised label for outstanding design and is one of the world’s most important design awards. Each year, top design achievements are honoured in seven disciplines – product, packaging, communication and service design, architecture, interior architecture and professional concept. The awards are organised by the iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover, the oldest independent design institution in the world. This year’s iF Design Award Night was held at BMW Welt in Munich on 15th March.

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    news-1326 Thu, 21 Mar 2019 07:19:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer is targeting group revenue of around €1.5bn with EBIT margin of between 7% and 10% until 2023 https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-is-targeting-group-revenue-of-around-EUR15bn-with-ebit-margin-of-between-7-and-10-until-2023/
  • Highest EBIT in the company’s 201-year history
  • 7.1% EBIT margin substantially surpassing the mean for the German engineering sector
  • Revenue in 2018 limited by parts availability
  • Good order situation
  • Strong cash flows from operating activities
  • Equity ratio of 38.5%
  • 2.7% dividend yield with higher proposed dividend of €1 per share
  • Guidance for 2019: organic revenue growth of up to 4% and EBIT margin of around 6%
  • With the progress achieved in the structurally growing and less cyclical packaging printing, the Koenig & Bauer group made further advances in its strategically aligning towards sustainable profitable growth. CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “Driven by a record order intake, we have been able to widen our share of the global flexible packaging printing market to 9%. Revenue in marking and coding has risen by around 50% in the last three years. Since the acquisition of flatbed die-cutter business in 2016, revenue in this business field has climbed by more than 50%. The entry into the market for folder gluers and the planned joint venture with inkjet pioneer Durst for folding carton and corrugated printing are further milestones.” CFO Mathias Dähn: “Pleasing revenue and earnings potential can arise with our RotaJET digital printing platform for decor and flexible packaging printing following a greater substitution of the hitherto standard analogue printing processes and an increase in the internally-sourced production of decoration papers in the furniture and flooring industry. After a comprehensive evaluation process, the renowned packaging group Tetra Pak has opted for our large-format RotaJET for full-colour digital printing of beverage carton packaging. We have received two more RotaJET orders for digital decor printing.”

    The service revenue share increased in the group to 25.9% in 2018 (1)

    Earnings target for 2018 well achieved

    Group EBIT climbed from €81.4m in the previous year to €87.4m despite some adverse circumstances in the availability of parts and market conditions. With the increase in its EBIT margin from 6.7% to 7.1%, Koenig & Bauer achieved the target defined for 2018 of around 7%. CFO Mathias Dähn: “On the basis of an EBIT margin adjusted for special items of 5.4% in 2016, we are aiming for an annual improvement of 0.7% in this margin to around 9% by 2021 assuming linear execution of the group projects for boosting earnings by €70m. This translates into a target of 6.8% for 2018, which we exceeded substantially with a margin of 7.1%.”

    High order backlog

    The previously announced shifts of machine deliveries into 2019 as a result of bottlenecks in the parts availability burdened the achievement of our revenue target. At €1,226m, group revenue was only slightly up on the previous year of €1,217.6m. Koenig & Bauer had been targeting organic revenue growth of around 4% for 2018. With order intake coming to €1,222m (previous year: €1,266.3m), order backlog rose to €610.9m (previous year: €606.2m).

    Dividend of €1 per share proposed

    High tax expenses resulting from the consumption of deferred tax assets on loss carry-forwards left traces on net profit. At €64m, group net profit (previous year: €81.1m) translates into earnings per share of €3.86 in 2018 (2017: €4.91). “Thanks to the good group net profit and the retained profit generated by the holding company Koenig & Bauer AG, we are able to continue our dividend policy with a distribution rate at the upper end of the target corridor of between 15% and 35% of group net profit,” said CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann. Accordingly, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board will be asking the shareholders to approve a dividend of €1 per share at the annual general meeting on 22 May 2019. This is equivalent to a dividend ratio of 25.9% of group net profit and a dividend yield of 2.7% on the basis of the closing price of the share in 2018.

    In folding carton printing, Koenig & Bauer strengthened its global market and technological leadership in its largest business field (2)

    Sheetfed limited by parts availability

    At €613m, order intake in the Sheetfed segment was below the previous year’s figure of €656.2m. While the project situation is good, bottlenecks in the availability of parts dampened new business due to longer delivery times. The situation with regard to parts also caused revenue to drop to €647.4m, down on the previous year’s figure of €660.2m. This is also reflected in EBIT, which fell to €36.5m, compared with €37.5m in the previous year. With an EBIT margin of 5.6%, Koenig & Bauer was able to maintain the level achieved (2017: 5.7%) despite the continued price pressure being exerted by competitors. The lower order backlog of €199.1m compared with the previous year (€233.5m) was followed by good order intake at the start of 2019.

    Growth expenses burden Digital & Web earnings

    Orders in the Digital & Web segment rose from €139.6m to €167.6m, primarily due to the record order intake for flexible packaging printing, which reflects the initial success of the realignment of this business field. Whereas the demand for the HP press for digital pre-prints of corrugated liners was subdued, several presses were sold from the RotaJET digital printing platform for decor and flexible packaging printing, substantially exceeding the previous year’s figure. At €150.7m, revenue was slightly down on the previous year (€154.2m). Together with market-entry and growth-related expenses for digital, flexible packaging and corrugated board printing, the lower revenue exerted pressure on EBIT. Accordingly, EBIT fell to –€10.5m, compared with –€4.3m in the previous year. The order backlog widened from €61.5m to €78.4m at the end of 2018.

    Revenue up in Special

    Given large orders and with project business remaining generally favourable, volatility remained high in security printing due to often lengthy order placement and the domination of large-scale projects. Further market share was gained in marking and coding, while the market position in the tobacco and tyre industry in particular was expanded significantly. Lower orders for metal and glass/hollow container decorating presses caused order intake in the Special segment to drop to €502.4m, down from €533.7m in the previous year. Revenue climbed from €467.9m to €490.5m thanks to growth in security printing, marking and coding and glass/hollow container decorating. EBIT came to €49.7m in 2018, down from €53.7m in the previous year. With the order backlog increasing to €344.6m (2017: €324m) at the end of December, good capacity utilisation is assured over the next few months.

    With good orders in security printing Koenig & Bauer held market leadership with over 90% world market share (3)

    Strong financial power and balance sheet

    Cash flows from operating activities was particularly strong, coming to €66.3m, up from €23.8m in the previous year. The substantial improvement in free cash flow to–€19.5m compared with the previous year (–€59.6m) was burdened by high investments and the final payment instalment for the external funding of a part of the pension provisions. Together with the solid internal liquidity, the syndicated long-term credit facilities give Koenig & Bauer a strong and stable financial basis. The strong balance sheet structure was additionally enhanced with the increase in the equity ratio to 38.5%.

    Guidance for 2019

    CFO Mathias Dähn: “The order backlog, which rose to €610.9m at the end of 2018, together with the good order development in January and February 2019 gives us good forward visibility across the entire group until the summer of 2019 and, in security printing with its good order situation, until 2020. The printing production output of our customers all around the world is growing, especially in packaging and banknote printing. With the exception of the packaging printers in China producing for export markets, our order intake has so far largely shrugged off the effects of the recent political and economic developments. In the absence of any material deterioration in the underlying conditions over the next few months, we target organic growth of up to 4% in group revenue and an EBIT margin of around 6% in 2019. This includes the annual 0.7% improvement in margins on group projects to boost earnings as well as the margin impact from the growth offensive 2023, the cumulative costs of which we expect to reach around €50m for 2019 to 2021 with a heavier load in the first year. In the event of a slowdown in the economy, we cannot rule out an up to 2 percentage points lower EBIT.”

    Medium-term targets until 2023

    CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “With our growth offensive 2023, we want to actively exploit the currently available market opportunities in the cardboard, corrugated board, flexible packaging, 2-piece can, marking and coding, glass direct and decor printing as well as in postpress to achieve sustained profitable growth. The impact of volatile security printing will be reduced by higher packaging share of group revenue. For web offset presses for newspaper and commercial printing, we expect a further business decline. With all our initiatives and projects, we are targeting to increase group revenue to around €1.5bn with an EBIT margin of between 7 % and 10% until 2023. All three segments are to contribute to the growth in revenue and earnings. Our further targets include a dividend ratio of 15 - 35% of group net profit, an equity ratio of over 45%, a target corridor for net working capital of 20 - 25% of revenue, and a share of 30% in total revenue for service business.”

    Figures at a glance 

    The financial statements can be downloaded as a PDF file from here.

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    news-1322 Mon, 18 Mar 2019 06:49:00 +0100 DuMont and Koenig & Bauer continue partnership https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/dumont-and-koenig-bauer-continue-partnership/
  • Modern newspaper press technology
  • Successful partnership for more than 180 years
  • Now 27 presses sold worldwide since its launch  
  • DuMont and Koenig & Bauer are set to continue a successful partnership which has already lasted for more than 180 years. Halle-based subsidiary MZ Druckereigesellschaft mbH is purchasing a further Commander CL from Koenig & Bauer. It is a little over two years ago that the company’s last investment, likewise a Commander CL, came on stream. “Our current press offers all the essential prerequisites for success: A high level of automation, reliability, exceptional flexibility and fast makeready. It was clear that we would continue along the chosen road with Koenig & Bauer at our side,” says MZ managing director Bernd Preuße. The new Commander CL will enter production in the fourth quarter of 2019. Since the initial market launch just a few years ago, Koenig & Bauer has now sold 27 presses of this type to users in Germany, France, China and the USA, and it is currently the most frequently ordered newspaper press.

    Alongside the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, with a circulation of almost 200,000 copies, the 115 employees at MZ produce advertising supplements, brochures, booklets and other print products in the Rhine and half-Rhine formats. Further activities include extensive mailing and logistics services.

    The new Commander CL will be entering production at MZ Druckereigesellschaft mbH in Halle in the fourth quarter of 2019

    DuMont: Successful for almost 400 years

    The DuMont group is counted among the most innovative media enterprises in Germany and looks back over long traditions. It operates in three main areas of business: Regional media, business information and marketing technology. In the regional media segment, a strong portfolio of newspaper titles such as Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Berliner Zeitung, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Kölnische Rundschau, EXPRESS, Berliner Kurier and Hamburger Morgenpost is augmented by numerous regional ad supplements and local radio stations.

    Automated, flexible and reliable

    With a maximum web width of 1,400 mm and a cylinder circumference of 1,020 mm, the new Commander CL can print up to 45,000 full-colour newspapers per hour with 32 pages in Rhine format or 64 pages tabloid. It comprises two four-high towers, a KF 5 jaw folder and two Pastomat reelstands with Patras A reel logistics. Like the existing Commander CL, the new press incorporates a raft of automation features such as pagination changes, inking unit and cylinder washing, fan-out, colour measuring and control systems, colour and cut-off register controls, and fully automatic plate changing. Together, they reduce job changeover times, waste and maintenance to a minimum. The press is controlled via an ErgoTronic console with EasyTronic for optimised press start-up and automated run-down. A comprehensive software package for maintenance and service simplifies work planning and supports transparency across all technical processes.

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    news-1319 Thu, 07 Mar 2019 09:51:33 +0100 7th Rapida press for major Indian packaging printer https://www.koenig-bauer.com/en/news/details/article/7th-rapida-press-for-major-indian-packaging-printer/
  • Rapida sheetfed offset technology now installed at all four plants of TCPL Packaging
  • Equipment for conventional and UV printing
  • Deliveries of three more Rapidas planned for 2019
  • Aditya Surana (centre), managing director of Koenig & Bauer’s Indian sales partner Indo Polygraph Machinery, presents a model of the Rapida 106 to Saket Kanoria, managing director of TCPL Packaging (1)

    In January, TCPL Packaging threw the switch on a new Rapida 106 at its plant in Goa in Western India. The seven-colour press with coater and extended delivery is already the seventh Rapida 106 sheetfed offset press from Koenig & Bauer to be installed at the company’s various production locations since 2011. Like all the other Rapidas operated by the packaging specialist, it is configured to enable both conventional and UV printing.

    Festive decoration for the raised seven-colour Rapida 106 packaging press with coater and extended delivery in the modern press hall at TCPL Packaging (4)

    TCPL Packaging is one of the largest packaging printers in the country. In Goa alone, 280 of the company’s 1,250 employees print mainly food and pharmaceuticals packaging at a plant with production floor space totally 28,000 square metres. With this latest Rapida 106, Koenig & Bauer press technology is now in use at all four TCPL locations. Apart from Goa, TCPL also has plants in Silvassa, Haridwar and Guwahti.

    Delighted with the start-up of the Rapida 106 (l-r): Akshay Kanoria, director of TCPL Packaging; Aditya Surana, managing director of Indo Polygraph Machinery; Saket Kanoria, managing director of TCPL Packaging; Vidur Kanoria, director of TCPL Packaging (2)

    The Financial Times named TCPL Packaging as one of the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in the Asian-Pacific region, assigning it to 839th place in this ranking. And the company has no intention of slowing its course of continued growth: Three more Rapida 106 presses are to be installed at TCPL this year. The first will be arriving at the Haridwar plant in May, while the second is set for installation in Goa in the summer. The installation of the third press in Silvassa is scheduled for the end of the year. One of the three is also the longest Rapida in India to date, with a total of 12 printing and finishing units. The configuration comprises seven colours followed by a coater, two dryer towers, a further printing unit and coater, and an extended delivery. Once all these presses are in place, TCPL will possess ten high-end Rapida presses with a total of 85 printing units.

    The installation team from Indo Polygraph Machinery together with the team from TCPL Packaging (3)

    Saket Kanoria, managing director of TCPL Packaging is especially happy: “Ever since we installed our first Koenig & Bauer press in 2011, we have gone back to them whenever we bought another one, due to constant innovation and improvements being carried out by them. We have experienced higher productivity levels as a result. Moreover they are backed in India by an excellent partner who is very proactive and gives very effective after sales support.”

    TCPL Packaging is a proud winner of the Marico Best Innovation Award and the Phillip Morris Most Valued Partner Award, among others.

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