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For efficient and cost-effective newspaper production with limited resources, digital networks and the integration of the individual stages of production play a decisive part. There are significant savings potentials in, for example, automated production planning, the automated presetting of the rotary press for the next job, as well as the automated start-up and run-down of the press. Koenig & Bauer can offer you tailor-made workflow solutions under the generic term PressNet. Thanks to optimised production processes, the rotary press can always work at maximum performance. With the optional automation tools, process control and monitoring are easy to handle. With PressNet, your workflow is optimised from production planning (EasyPlan) through the presetting of the rotary press (EasySet), as well as automatic start-up (EasyStart) and run-down (EasyClean-up), to automatic reporting and documenting (EasyReport). Press commands are given using the intuitively operated keyboards on the functional ErgoTronic control consoles.  

  • Digital networking for efficient newspaper production
  • Easy planning and fast presetting
  • Automatic start-up and run-down of the rotary press

With the modules EasyPlan, EasySet, EasyStart, EasyClean-up and EasyReport, PressNet forms an intelligent network for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness in newspaper printing.


A decisive factor for sustained success is careful planning. This also applies to newspaper production. With EasyPlan, the operator is supported during setup with defined production variants. Individual input is also possible.


Various printing press parameters have to be preset exactly in order to achieve short set-up times, low waste and a high level of stability and quality in production printing. EasySet was developed for fast presetting of the entire system from the control console. The multi-stage presetting system stores the pre-setting data for register, web tension, temperature control as well as process-dependent start-up curves. These can be reloaded for similar production runs.


With EasyStart, the automated start-up of the press with one-button operation until it reaches production speed is child's play. Depending on requirements, the velocity and dwell time at a certain velocity level can be set at the operator's discretion for the start-up curve.


At Koenig & Bauer, automatic run-down at the press of a button is no longer just a vision. Web-free running, blanket washing as well as complete smoothing are carried out automatically in defined sequences under the EasyClean-up function. This gives the printer more time to prepare for the follow-up job.


For more productivity and reduced costs, faults must be detected, analysed and prevented in future. This is where the EasyReport reporting system can help. The long-term history as well as the export and filtering of such reports makes it possible to analyse them and reduce faults to a minimum. The reporting system allows the comprehensive documentation of all printed orders and a detailed production report.      

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