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Distinguishing Itself and Its Prized Brand Customers


Established in 1845 Curtis Packaging is a global leader in both printing innovation and environmental stewardship. Due to its reputation as a print producer of the highest levels of complexity and innovation, Curtis wanted to maintain its reputation for color control and to distinguish itself among its competitors. It was critical to be able to record and analyze its press data to ensure excellent print quality. It was also important to remain environmentally friendly, keeping its green commitment, and continuing to find ways to reduce its environmental impact on packaging materials.


Curtis Packaging has been a long-term partner with Koenig & Bauer. When Don Droppo, president of Curtis Packaging Corporation, met with his sales manager, he drew the press of his dreams, completely customized with a unique double coater and addtional end of press print unit.  This along with other exclusive Koenig & Bauer features  ensured Curtis could differiate themselves in the market.  This led to a custom Rapida 106 press specified with inline color control capability and a print quality measuring system, along with a unique five-star appraisal system to notify a Curtis press operator of the print quality achieved under the selected standard.


For the elite consumer brands that partner with Curtis Packaging, the new Rapida 106 is helping to produce a higher level of complexity and innovation. Jobs are turned around much faster, due to the unique configuration of an inline double coater allowing Curtis to print in one pass rather than two. The firm is much more efficient and distinguishes them from their competitors. Internally, press performance data is automatically captured for analysis via Koenig & Bauer’s LogoTronic Professional. Brands continue to seek out Curtis to create magical new packaging.

Curtis Packaging

Curtis Packaging is a leading provider of award-winning luxury packaging solutions located in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. It caters to some of the most well known brands in the world designing and delivering some of the most decorated, award-winning innovative and inspirational packaging solutions for world renowned companies at its 150,000 sq ft facility.

Koenig & Bauer delivers better print quality and service - we have formed a long-term partnership with them because they completely understand our business, goals, and long-term vision.
Kerry C. Brown, Vice President Operations
Curtis Packaging
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