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Full LED-UV Curing System Press


For more than a century, Hederman Brothers has been a leading commercial printer in the Jackson, MS region serving well-known colleges and universities, elite casino operations, corporations, advertising and creative agencies, and fast casual restaurants. Its loyal customer base, however, was turning to specialized uniquely designed print pieces to reach its customers. shorter run lengths as well as asking for dramatic LED-UV-cured four-color printing and striking jobs on uncoated papers. Hederman turned to Koenig & Bauer for a new Rapida 106 press to maintain its double digit sales volume.


As its customers began to demand higher quality and time sensitive brochures,  direct mail, scratch-off cards, invitations, key card holders, catalogs, and magazines, Doug Hederman, the firm's president and CEO as well as a fourth-generation owner, chose to invest in a new  Rapida 106 press that can print LED-UV-cured process printing, spot coating and amazing results on uncoated paper jobs at lightening fast 20,000 sph. The new Rapida was the first in the country with dual-powered XP-11 LED lamps. It has become its signature press at its new 50,000 sq ft facility.


When colleges and universities need stunning results for their elite football programs or large casinos need to attract high rollers to their gambling floors, Hederman Brothers is able to provide these unconventional innovative products on its uniquely-configured press. Its heat-less solid state LED-UV curing provides exceptional results for high end special effects and immediate post-production work such as cutting and scoring. The new Rapida 106 is surpassing the high expectations and demands of its loyal customers and addressing the speed, quality, and innovative designs that it produces.

Hederman Brothers

Established in 1898 by brothers Robert and Tom Hederman in Jackson, Mississippi, Hederman Brothers has grown to become a leading commercial printer and direct mail shop. In 1998, the firm celebrated its 100th anniversary. Since then, the firm has added a new division called Hederman Direct and has relocated into a new state of the art facility in Madison, MS to accommodate its continued growth.

Koenig & Bauer delivers the most innovative press technology, which will carry our business into the next generation.
Doug Hederman, President und CEO
Hederman Brothers
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