References & ShowcasesProduction start for Rapida106 at DG3/Leycol

A strong partnership pays dividends


Originally two separate companies, DG3 and Leycol, had merged to form one company which needed to encompass both the markets that they originally served. They found that they had varied equipment that was capable but not operating at the highest levels and also some machines that were surplus to requirements. They needed a solution for quick make readies, waste reduction and higher running speeds. They also had to ensure that they satisfied the demanding requirements for their ultra high quality print markets.


A 5-colour Rapida 106 with coater, fully automatic plate changing, QualiTronic ColorControl inline colour control and QualiTronic QualityPass was the perfect fit. Their first Rapida press is also equipped with AutoRun technology which allows a list of jobs to be loaded onto the press and the press makes ready and runs them without operator involvement.
Press performance is captured and monitored through LogoTronic Professional and the LogoTronic Cockpit including O.E.E. (Overall equipment Effectiveness) and other important key performance indicators.


Make readies are now significantly faster and will improve further. One press is doing the work of two presses. Inline colour and quality control means less waste and consistent colour due to QualiTronic ColorControl. Quality pass has enabled us to hit the demanding targets of the I.S.O. 12647-2 standard consistently.


DG3/Leycol are specialists in high quality litho print supply to luxury brands and galleries.

The installation of the press has been seamless. Our make ready times are already significantly reduced and we have managed this total change of culture in our press room without any problems.
Nick Wilson, Commercial Manager
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