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Continuous tracking of material flows as well as exact documentation of material consumption are important preconditions for efficient production.  

Always in control: through reel data recording ...

With PATRAS ReelDataManagement, it is possible to exactly record and document the path of a paper reel through the production process. The quantity of paper consumed can be determined exactly to within a metre for each reelstand.  

... and reel data management

PATRAS ReelDataManagement is also informed in the event of the return delivery or repeat preparation of reels. This means that the information about the stock of paper is always up-to-date.  

Modular and scalable: tailored solutions for your printing company

Particularly for smaller and medium-sized printing companies, PATRAS ReelDataManagement is ideal, for the acquisition costs are significantly lower than for a complicated reel logistics system. Thanks to its modular design, PATRAS ReelDataManagement can gradually be enhanced with additional functions:

  • Inventory management for the main storage area
  • Scanning of electronic delivery notes
  • Orders are passed on to an automatic transportation system
  • Tracking of the reel on its way through production, with data forwarded to the control console
  • Reel movements can be entered at the existing operator stations
  • Up-to-date information about the stock of paper, and also about returned reels
  • Connection to an automatic transportation system is possible
  • Information about paper consumption, exact to within a metre, is available at all times

The core of PATRAS ReelDataManagement is a database. The recorded reel data are entered there. In the "Basic" version of ReelDataManagement, the paper reels are recorded directly at the unpacking station. The reel data are then available at the reelstand in question.  

Reel data always in view

At the ReelDataManagement PC, the operator can view the stocks, edit and manage reel data. The reelstand reports its reel data cyclically to the control level. This means that the reels used and web lengths can be referenced in the production report.

A practical enhancement of PATRAS ReelDataManagement is the integration of a data acquisition station in the incoming goods department. With this, the paper reels can be booked directly into the system as soon as they are delivered. Inventory management of the main storage area is thus also possible.  

When the data are entered at the unpacking station, the reels are then transferred from the main storage area to the day storage area. At the ReelDataManagement PC, the operator can view and manage different storage areas and their stocks.

The "Move Control" module represents the maximum configuration level of PATRAS ReelDataManagement as a buffer store management system. Here, an automatic transportation system is responsible for moving the reels between the unpacking station, buffer areas and reel changers. At the request of the operator, the reels are automatically collected from the unpacking station and made ready in buffer areas.  

As soon as a reel changer requests a reel, the next reel is automatically delivered to this reelstand. It is also possible to return reels with the automatic transportation system. At the ReelDataManagement PC, the operator can also manage reel destinations and start manual transportation jobs.

At the unpacking station and the incoming goods department, the data are collected using touchscreen displays in accordance with the Koenig & Bauer standard; these are equipped with radio-controlled hand scanners. The central database and visualisation computer (ReelDataManagement PC) offers the option of viewing and managing stocks and printing out lists and reel Labels.

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