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The objective of any company is to achieve an effective and efficient value-added chain. A precondition for this is high process stability with trouble-free production sequences that can be planned.  

Greater process stability reduces quality costs

The ProcessAnalyzer allows you to make decisions about improving process sequences on the basis of precise analyses, for you systematically record all malfunctions and quality defects, and then analyse these. In this way you can make the stability of your processes visible.  

Exact assignment of the causes of faults as the basis for process optimisation

Meaningful report formats allow the clear assignment of malfunctions and the resulting overall process costs. Your consumables and systems suppliers can also be shown concrete problem areas in this way.  

Analysis instead of gut feeling:

  • You are talking about facts
  • You know where the actual main focus of action is
  • You approach the specific topics together with the parties responsible for the problems
  • You systematically expand your methodical control and correction approaches
  • You achieve your cost and quality objectives
  • Prevent production downtimes through process stability
  • Cut quality costs and increase your competitiveness
  • Generate comprehensive and descriptive reports automatically
  • Important module for active knowledge management
  • A practical product for use in practice
  • Detect malfunctions and find solutions precisely and quickly
  • Make your decisions on the basis of analysis instead of your gut feeling
  • Reduce systematic malfunctions in the value-added chain
  • Improve the process stability and availability of the production line  

Active knowledge management

A valuable knowledge database is created through the systematic recording of malfunctions, their causes and their elimination by the operator, maintenance personnel or quality management department. Experience and solutions are analysed and saved, and are available at all times with the help of search functions.  

Analyse and develop your process stability through:

  • Reproduction of the entire value added chain from pre-press to post-press
  • Recording of all production runs and malfunctions, as well as the related downtimes and operating costs
  • Statistical evaluation of the malfunctions
  • Assigning costs to the causes and the parties responsible
  • Establishing suitable improvement measures
  • Regular quality meetings with the parties responsible
  • Trace the development of process stability statistically
  • Automatically generate more than 100 predefined reports, right down to the smallest detail
  • Select meaningful reports with unequivocal assignment of the parties responsible
  • Export reports and data of the periods under review into MS Office
  • Easily detect the main problems in the entire value-added chain
  • Systematically expand your methodical control and correction measures
  • Integrate your consumables and systems suppliers in your activities on the basis of the data acquired
  • ProcessAnalyzer is based on the principle of the 8D-Report quality method
  • The product was developed by bringQ in cooperation with Freiburger Druck GmbH & Co.KG and Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed
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