Digital & Webfed ServiceMaintainSoft – the software for the efficient maintenance of your printing press

The high level of automation and utilisation of your rotary press requires the professional planning and execution of the necessary maintenance work. Koenig & Bauer MaintainSoft supports your maintenance team effectively in all aspects of this demanding task.  

Perfect maintenance for your rotary press

Koenig & Bauer MaintainSoft knows all the recommended maintenance measures for your press and supports you in the planning, implementation and documentation of all necessary tasks. You can always keep track of past, due and future maintenance tasks.  

Professional maintenance software as a turnkey solution

This system is a turnkey solution with an interface to your printing press. The maintenance requirements are exactly aligned to the actual utilisation of the press. This prevents over-maintenance or under-maintenance. The service package is rounded off by other helpful features such as roller, blanket or spare parts management.  

Enhancements to meet your needs

Thanks to its modular concept, Koenig & Bauer MaintainSoft can be enhanced by a large number of optional functions and services. For example, other systems and even building facilities – besides the printing press itself – can also be integrated.  

  • Can be used across several areas throughout the printing company (shipping, rotary press, prepress, building systems etc.)
  • Thanks to its modular concept, it can be adapted to customers' individual needs
  • Graphic navigation with simple, intuitive operation
  • Increased press availability and maximum utilisation of production-free periods through optimised maintenance
  • More transparency through comprehensive reports and analyses for an efficient evaluation of weak points and more cost transparency

The overview of functions* and application areas in your printing company:

*also contains optional project stages

Easy navigation around the press layout, for example to obtain the following information:

  • Current orders
  • maintenance history (press logbook)
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Useful life of the replaced parts
  • Stock of spare parts
  • Fault messages (optional)  

You benefit from:

  • a high recognition value
  • intuitive operation thanks to navigation on a graphic user interface
  • easier maintenance scheduling
  • comprehensive, easy-to-understand analysis
  • Simple and fast access from all workplaces
  • Up-to-date document management through central data storage
  • Can be enhanced with all documentation in standard formats, for example PDF, HTML, JPG, XML, CSV etc.

All of the functions of modern spare parts and order management  

  • Warehouse and spare part management
  • Spare parts can be found quickly thanks to simple search masks
  • Safety monitoring and minimum stock monitoring
  • Stock value + Support during stocktaking
  • Use of barcode scanners
  • Minimisation of administrative work
  • Order process monitoring 
  • Inspection of delivery notes, invoices and credit notes
  • Return delivery suppliers and contacts àAddress management
  • Graphic navigation
  • Easy adaptation and enhancement possible by the customer
  • Press filter (e.g. access to the Koenig & Bauer press only)
  • Integration of maintenance system menu functions
  • Cross-division, to integrate shipping, plates, building facilities etc. (optional)
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