Newspaper printingContinent – the flexible 2/1 press

The Continent is an extremely flexible, user-friendly four-high tower press targeting the global market. It is available as both a coldset press line and heatset press with a hot-air dryer as well as a hybrid version. With a maximum production speed of 75,000 cyl.rph it is suited to printing houses which produce high-quality newspapers, magazines and semi-commercials, and those wishing to operate with extreme flexibility. As a single-width web press (4 pages broadsheet/8 pages tabloid) with practical automation and a high level of user-friendliness, the Continent has an excellent reputation in its press class.  

  • High quality 2/1 web press for newspapers and semi-commercials
  • High production flexibility with user-friendly ergonomics
  • Practical automation

The Continent has an above-average maximum web width of 1,000mm (39.37in) and a 546 - 700mm (21.5 - 27.5in) cut-off range customary in the international market. The H-type printing units can be stacked to form a four-high tower for 4/4 blanket-to-blanket with one web. The H-type units on the Continent deliver a superb print quality, need very little maintenance and are easy to operate. DriveTronic shaftless drives and a modular construction support customised configurations to suit individual production specifications. Cutting-edge console technology with numerous automation options permits a tailor-made workflow. The console system can, as an option, be linked to a production scheduling and press presetting system and/or expanded to include additional modules, e.g. for maintenance. An extensive choice of optional equipment including a facility for printing webs of different widths and individual drying solutions make the Continent an attractive option for printers seeking a high degree of production flexibility. Koenig & Bauer has a wealth of experience and a large installed machine base in the field of semi-commercial printing. The Continent can be configured as a floor-mounted or two-floor version to suit presshall architecture. Proven Koenig & Bauer superstructure solutions and auxiliary units for inline finishing, robust jaw folders, Pastoline reelstands with Patras reel-logistics system and further modules make the Continent a high-performance production tool in its press class.

Standard Optional
max. production speed 75,000 cph -
Cylinder revolutions 75,000 rph -
Cylinder circumference 533 - 700 mm -
Web width 1,000 mm -
Variable web width -
CleanTronic washing systems -
DriveTronic dedicated drives -
Heatset - 1
Cutting-edge spray dampening unit -
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