Newspaper printingCortina – brilliant print quality without water and keyless

The Cortina largely features the same technology as its conventional offset counterpart, the Commander CT, but with one key difference: it produces newspapers, magazines and ad supplements in coldset and/or heatset in a brilliant quality without water and ink keys. Its waterless, keyless inking unit technology reduces waste to an absolute minimum and delivers dot-sharp images in 70lpc (175lpi) and FM screens. What is more, the Cortina offers the ideal conditions for labour-saving, ergonomic operation with little cleaning and maintenance effort. It eliminates ink mist so common in conventional offset. It outshines other presses in terms of its format and substrate flexibility, and its environmental friendliness. With PlateTronic plate changers, RollerTronic roller locks, NipTronic bearing units and the Stepin tower that have all proven their performance a thousand times over, the Cortina features the same benchmarks as the Commander CT. The Cortina can print with the same ink in coldset and heatset without any long changeover times. A further winning feature is inline coating in coldset printing for particularly high quality products.  

  • High-quality, green web offset printing of newspapers and commercials
  • Unique with inline coating finishing
  • Ideal for broad product spectrums

KBA redefined offset printing of colour newspapers and semi-commercials with innovative Cortina technology:

More quality

The unique design of the printing unit, which eases operator workload by dispensing with ink keys and dampeners, minimises wastage and guarantees a superb print quality. the KBA Cortina can print coldset newspapers and heatset semi-commercials using the same ink.

Less space

A total height of just 4m (13ft) means the tower press can be installed in standard industrial buildings. The highly automated Cortina has a maximum rated output of 90,000 copies per hour and is available as a 4/1, 4/2 and 6/2 press.

More sustainability

The absence of dampening additives and gear oil, the virtual elimination of platemaking chemicals and VOCs and the reduction in print waste, carbon emissions and cleaning agents promote a much greener production environment.

More potential

In terms of print quality, format and substrate flexibility the Cortina far outshines conventional newspaper presses. Cortina users can win over new target groups for print jobs with the option of inline coating which is limited to the waterless Cortina.

Standard Optional
max. production speed 90,000 cph -
Cylinder revolutions (4/1) 86,000 rph -
Cylinder revolutions (4/2) 45,000 rph -
Cylinder revolutions (6/2) 45,000 rph -
Cylinder circumference (4/1) 470 - 598.5 mm -
Cylinder circumference (4/2) 900 - 1,197 mm -
Cylinder circumference (6/2) 900 - 1,156 mm -
Web width 1,680 mm -
Web width (6/2) 2,100 mm -
Variable web width -
Automatic roller bearings RollerTronic -
CleanTronic washing systems -
DriveTronic dedicated drives -
EasyTronic -
Heatset - 1
Fully Automatic Plate Change -
Patras A -
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