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    Understanding the Dimensions of Security

Security Triangle

The classical triangle of security remains the standard approach in modeling high security documents, packaging and other security objects. With the combination of specialized processes and machines, very precise Design features and materials not accessible by commercial or private actors, security was founded.

The paradigm of a closed ecosystem of trusted actors remained for decades and is still actively lived. Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions is very proud of being part of this family. With our press machinery and product portfolio dedicated to high security products we serve customers around the globe.

Expansion of the Security TriangleOptical Quality Inspection

But with growing industrialisation and automation along the whole process chain we might widen our view on the triangle of security. We might think of Optical Quality Inspection as being a part of this chain. While in former days this was an implicit request, with evolving technologies Vision Systems might help us in a constant increase of the quality being produced. In the race against counterfeiters this has to be considered as an important pillar. By narrowing down the variances the awareness of the public will be increased. Additionally this enables sharpening the thresholds for Authentication Solutions.

Inspection of Optical Detectable Features

As an example we might have a look at a variety of optical detectable features which belong to the “Security Design” or “Material” class. Traditionally each class will be filled by multiple features. It is common that all tree classes complement each other. 

Over all there are a broad variety of Authentication Solutions, sometimes the features require native sensors, RFID, laboratory equipment or similar. All of these solutions profit from constant production processes which are guaranteed by Koenig & Bauer machinery and can be even increased by the usage of our quality inspection and regulation systems like ColorSave, ColorCheck, Ink Density Controls and Printing Error Detections.

With the Help of Machine LearningAutomate Authenticity Checks

Many of the previously mentioned  features like OVDs, Special Inks and similar aim to be verified by humans. An experienced document examiner will be able to detect the features and could compare them with specimens or by using a reference database. With the deep knowledge of Koenig & Bauer we are able to transfer the Authentication Capabilities of an expert to an ML-Model which opens a new perspective to a bunch of services to your product.

Authenticity checks:

Enable your customers to determine the authenticity of a product. This increases the trust in your brand and might be a facilitator in case of a warranty issue. No need for the customer to send a given questioned object. Our system will predict the authenticity of an object via a web application.


Once a Product is out in the market the manufacturers control is very limited. Through illicit trade tremendous loss is introduced to companies around the world. Tracking codes might be altered by counterfeiters and limit the possibility to Trace the origin of a given product. Koenig & Bauer’s patented technologies enable our partners to activate an undetectable protection which may act as an identification feature to help you fight illicit trading.

Customer Loyalty:

A Happy customer is a loyal customer. To engage and incentify your customers you may use an existing packaging to let them collect loyalty points and collect data. Add an immutable security to a given serial which allows you without changing your production to activate a Loyalty program at any time, anywhere.

But this is only a small part of the services Koenig & Bauer Authentication Solutions might offer to its customers. With our security driven mindset and decades of experience, we are happy to tailor a solution that fits your needs. 

  • Gain More Customers
  • Diversify Their Portfolio
  • Increase Productivity
  • Expertise from High Security Printing
  • Latest Innovations
  • Independent Consulting Services
  • Easy to Use Applications
  • Comfortable Interactions
  • Secure Processing of Private Data

Quality Measurement and Control Systems

The human sight sense is much more than optics and some connected synapsis. The vision systems from Koenig & Bauer equally is much more than just an imaging sensor. We cover the whole range from patented state-of-the-art  lighting systems, a broad portfolio of imaging sensors, combined by high-class lenses. With a deep understanding and decades of experience in the imaging technology we craft our high-end hardware in-house in Germany and using only carefully specified components.

Koenig & Bauer Vision will define your vision system according to the needs of your applications. Beside our industrial proven designs the core values of our solutions start with defining the right illumination, sensor and optics. by relying on a though framework we customize all of our products to the needs of our customers for any industry.


down to xy µm (~ 2,000 dpi)


UV ... FIR


to 12,000 Hz (~ 150m/min)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our ValiCashTM team or our Authentication Solutions expert Marc Hunsänger. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to protect your brand and revenues.

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