“Add more KBA to your day” at drupaInnovations in digital, flexo, offset and new services with KBA 4.0.

Print is a part of our daily lives in all its variations. The KBA Group contributes to this spectrum of print products with its broad portfolio for numerous print markets ranging from the banknote, via cardboard, film, metal and glass packaging up to book, display, coding, magazine, commercial and newspaper printing. Under the banner “Add more KBA to your day” at drupa 2016 KBA will be in its usual place in hall 16 showcasing innovative products and processes in digital, flexo and offset printing. On top are new products for offline post-press and finishing as well as services and workflow solutions under the brand KBA 4.0.

Rapida 145 with new features: largest sheetfed offset press at drupa

The largest sheetfed offset press at drupa, an over 30m-long (98ft) Rapida 145-6+L FAPC ALV3 + SPS-Logistics, will be printing live on the KBA stand. The six-colour press with coater, triple delivery extension and double-pile delivery is raised for packaging printing and is equipped with a new automatic pile and palette logistic system. Some of the Rapida 145’s new features include pneumatic plate stretching, automatic quality control with QualiTronic PDF, press operation via tablet and an increased production speed of up to 18,000sph.  

Die über 30 m lange Rapida 145 mit Doppelstapel-Auslage und automatisierter Logistik dürfte die größte Bogenoffsetanlage der drupa 2016 sein (2)

Rapida 106: makeready world champion with LED-UV

Known as the makeready and speed world champion with speeds of up to 20,000sph, at drupa the Rapida 106 will be displayed as a long perfector for 4-back-4 printing with coater, double delivery extension, simultaneous plate change and LED-UV curing. Energy-saving LED-UV printing permits the immediate post-press of print products and impresses with brilliant colours, even on uncoated stock. KBA is a trendsetter in this relatively young field. The Rapida 106 at drupa is extensively automated. Its features include new TouchTronic operation with One Button Job Change and QualiTronic PDF before and after perfecting. It is embedded in the KBA stand’s network via LogoTronic Professional.  

Die Rapida 106 wird als hochautomatisierte Wendemaschine im LED-UV-Druck produzieren (4)

Rapida 105 PRO with cold-foil finishing

A five-colour Rapida 105 PRO with coater and the new KBA CF Optima cold-foil module for the high-quality inline finishing of folding carton with cold foil will be exhibited directly next to KBA on partner Vinfoil’s stand. The new module allows the multiple use of the cold foil thus saving costs. The medium-format press that was added to KBA’s portfolio in 2015 features numerous automation components and is connected to the KBA workflow via LogoTronic Professional.  

Die Rapida 75 PRO schließt die Lücke zwischen der Rapida 75 und Rapida 76 (5)

New Rapida 75 PRO in half format

The new Rapida 75 PRO (format 520 x 735 mm / 20.4 x 28.9in) will celebrate its premiere as a five-colour version with coater at drupa. It closes the gap between the Rapida 75 and the highly automated Rapida 76 in terms of its printing speed of up to 16,000sph. The ErgoTronic console with TouchTronic operation is a standard feature. Automatic plate change and One Button Job Change are just two of the many options to choose from. The Rapida 75 PRO is available with up to ten printing units and perfecting, and will also feature LED-UV.  

RotaJET L for commercial and industrial printing

KBA-Digital & Web will showcase the redesigned RotaJET L series which has a flexible modular design with new 1,200 dpi Piezo inkjet technology for printing widths from 77 to 138cm (30.3 to 54.3in) and speeds of 150m or 300mpm (492 or 984fpm) depending on resolution. The goals of this development were optimum print quality, even on coated stock, maximum flexibility for all relevant applications in the field of commercial and industrial printing, and the highest level of productivity. The RotaJET L series is the only inkjet press that can be upgraded on site at a later date with regard to printing width, colour content, output quality and speed. It can handle huge volumes with a maximum web width of 138cm (54.3in) and automatic reelstands.  

Die neue RotaJET L-Serie ist sehr flexibel für Commercial und Industrial Print einsetzbar (3)

KBA-Digital & Web offers the RotaJET L in suitable configurations for commercial, book, publication and industrial printing. A 4/0 version of the RotaJET 77 will be presented live in Düsseldorf printing on various substrates for the packaging, publishing and target communication segments, as well as industrial applications. The advanced polymer pigment inks in connection with the new 1,200dpi inkjet head technology result in an excellent print quality even on coated offset stock.  

Flexible NEO XD LR from KBA-Flexotecnica

Italian subsidiary KBA-Flexotecnica will be present on the KBA stand for the first time at this year’s drupa. The new NEO XD LR CI web press will be exhibited as an eight-colour press with low-migration, water-based ink for film printing. The NEO XD LR is designed for printing with solvent- and water-based ink as well as radiation-cured ink, such as UV-LED and EB. With up to twelve colours, print lengths from 400 to 1,200mm (15.7 to 47.2in), a maximum web width of 1,650mm (65in), maximum speeds of up to 500mpm (1,640fpm) and practical automation, it is suited to a raft of applications in the field of flexible packaging printing.  

Die neu entwickelte CI-Rotation NEO XD LR ist für alle heute im Flexodruck eingesetzten Farbsysteme vorbereitet (6)

Rapida RDC 106 rotary die-cutter

The KBA Rapida RDC 106 rotary die-cutter, developed by KBA-Sheetfed for print finishing, will also feature on the KBA stand. The rotary die-cutter which will be presented in connection with sheetfed offset presses producing packaging can handle stock at speeds of up to 14,000sph.  

Rapida RSP 106 rotary screen press at Kolbe-Coloco

A further offline machine based on the Rapida platform for especially high-quality printwork finished with coating or metal pigment inks (sales folders, brochures, special effects cards, promotional material, displays, packaging etc.) is the Rapida RSP 106 rotary screen printing press. It can be viewed by visitors at KBA user Kolbe-Coloco in Versmold.  

Workflow, energy efficiency and digital transformation

Workflow solutions for networked printing plants, a new system for enhanced energy efficiency in a printing company (KBA VisuEnergy), and special applications from KBA-Metronic and KBA-NotaSys round off KBA’s presence at drupa.


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