Investment in high-end sheetfed offset technologyAVD Goldach opts for a Rapida 106 from Koenig & Bauer

  • Automation for fast makeready, excellent print quality and absolute ease of operation
  • Contribution to sustainability in print production
  • Performance data available in real time

Satisfied faces after signing the contract (left to right): Peter J. Rickenmann, CEO of Koenig & Bauer (CH); Patrick Hölterhoff, head of production at AVD Goldach; Kai Hebel, owner and managing director of AVD Goldach (1)

AVD Goldach, one of the largest independent magazine printers in Switzerland, is investing in a high-end Rapida 106 with five printing units and facilities for inline coating. The company has its offices in the Swiss municipality of the same name, found directly by the shores of Lake Constance, and was founded as a web printing business in 1930. With 130 dedicated employees and a broad product portfolio, AVD’s special publishing expertise makes it stand out. In addition to magazine production, the company offers publishing houses a full spectrum of commercial printing services.

A five-colour Rapida 106 with inline coating similar to the one ordered by AVD Goldach (2)

Extensive standardisation of the print process

Extensive standardisation of the print process ensures consistently high quality for the company’s print products. Alongside technical know-how and the availability of state-of-the-art equipment, a particular focus is placed on the sparing use of resources such as paper, inks and other process consumables. This allows the print and media house to optimise the pricing of its products, while at the same time contributing to improved sustainability and environmental protection.

The design of the Rapida 106 embodies superiority, dynamism and elegance – right down to the tiniest detail (4)

Use of effective, innovative technologies

The new Rapida 106 in the award-winning Koenig & Bauer design is characterised by its high degree of automation. Its technical features are geared to fast makeready, excellent print quality and absolute ease of operation. One of the highlights is the extremely fast and highly precise inline measuring and control system QualiTronic ColorControl. The press also features AutoRun capabilities (autonomous production of a defined sequence of print jobs). The use of QualiTronic PrintCheck (automatic image monitoring/sheet inspection) provides a decisive quality boost, permits early detection of any printing flaws or other quality issues, and thereby achieves significant reductions in waste. Quality control is infinitely easier for the operator when using ‘closed-loop’ production of this type. In addition, the Rapida 106 features the unique sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS, offers the option of disengaging unused inking units, and handles unbent plates using the fully automatic plate changing system DriveTronic SPC.

DriveTronic dedicated drive technology (here in the form of the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS) offers unique functionalities (5)

Its profitability enables AVD Goldach to invest regularly in new technologies. At the same time, the company is working intensively on the continued digitalisation of its production steps. Koenig & Bauer provides support for these endeavours by integrating the Rapida 106 into the printshop workflow using the production management system LogoTronic. The LogoTronic Cockpit provides real-time overviews of relevant performance data – whether for analyses or for KPI benchmarking. The Rapida LiveApp (ErgoTronicApp) even allows the press to be monitored and controlled using mobile devices.

Smart operating concept: the ErgoTronicApp makes the control console mobile (3)

The technology, the huge performance capability, the fast makeready and the quality of the Rapida 106 all convinced the team from AVD. Equally impressive is the service concept at Koenig & Bauer Switzerland with its interactive 24/7 remote maintenance hotline and a comprehensive package of services provided by a local team of Swiss technicians and project engineers. The teamwork-based development of a press configuration tailored to AVD’s specific needs was also greatly appreciated.

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