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In order to be successful as a company over 200 years, it is necessary and important to constantly develop and respond to current events and requirements. Pioneering spirit is part of Koenig & Bauer's DNA. And pioneering spirit is also what guided us in defining our strategy. A strategy that provides answers to the pressing questions of our customers and the complex dynamics of megatrends: Exceeding Print.

As the name suggests, this strategy goes far beyond the topic of "printing" – and it has to. Because we are in a time of complex change. It is important for us to actively shape and manage change. In order to meet the multitude of demands from our customers, we have decided to focus our strategy on the three megatrends that will have the greatest impact on our industry: Digitalisation, Sustainability and Modularity.


Networking machines, capturing and analysing data, and controlling processes efficiently: The digital transformation of the printing industry has many sides – Koenig & Bauer describes a new chapter with well thought-out innovations and tailor-made solutions, that goes beyond pure printing. Transparent, data-supported processes are the starting point for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A high level of automation minimises risks and allows the entire printing process to be customised and future-oriented. With pioneering digital solutions and new business models, Koenig & Bauer is paving the way to a successful and sustainable future for its customers.

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The future still has so much to offer that is worth discovering. To keep it that way, Koenig & Bauer is helping to protect the environment with sustainable printing processes and even more efficient machines. Non-ecological packaging can be replaced, waste reduced and resource-saving processes driven forward. In addition to supporting numerous initiatives and projects, the roadmap stands for complete CO2 neutrality in the company's own production plants from 2030.

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Individual print jobs and requirements increasingly determine everyday life. Koenig & Bauer is meeting this challenge with modular and standardised systems. In addition to flexibility and efficiency benefits, this also results in cost-saving potential through the consistent sharing of common parts, systems, modules and platforms. Thanks to modular press platforms, new technologies can be brought to market more quickly and more uniform maintenance measures can be taken, enabling more efficient production processes.

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