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Managers are all-rounders

Management of a modern print company brings exceptional challenges. As manager, you bear responsibility for all aspects of the business – from personnel guidance to supervision of the machinery and equipment resources, from the evaluation and optimisation of processes to the implementation of important new developments and strategy decisions.

In our workshops, we share our knowledge and experience as the world’s oldest printing press manufacturer. Together with you, we explore how we can best support the management of individual processes in a print company and convey the necessary skills through targeted training.

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Upon successful completion, the seminar participants are familiar with the complete workflow of the print process as it relates to their production machinery. Important factors which influence and could potentially impair either printing or other aspects of the overall production workflow are known and can be analysed and evaluated.

  • Function principles of sheetfed offset
  • Design and function of a sheetfed offset printing press
  • Influencing factors, print quality flaws and error analysis
  • Practical exercises

The seminar serves not only as introduction to the full scope of functions of the purchased system and how the company’s specific workflow can be represented (PDA chain), but also as familiarisation with the available reporting functions and their role in precise and effective production analyses.

  • Design and functionality of the LogoTronic system
  • Concept of production data acquisition
  • Practical implementation  

The participants acquire comprehensive knowledge of the print production process and understand the correlations between various equipment options for a Rapida press and the attainable print performance.

  • Overview and function of an offset printing press
  • Disruptive and influencing factors
  • Overview and function principle of the measuring systems
  • Possibilities of quality control and documentation
  • Integration of Rapida presses into a workflow
  • Possibilities of data acquisition 

The participants acquire not only a fundamental technical understanding of process control in UV printing, along with comprehensive information on the technologies offered by Koenig & Bauer, but also important knowledge relating to the special demands of UV printing. With the know-how gained during the seminar, they can analyse print samples from the perspective of finishing requirements and can identify the steps necessary for their production.

  • Possible applications with UV sheetfed offset printing
  • Functionality and possibilities of cold foil application
  • Special and advanced functions in the measuring systems
  • Practical exercises
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