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Preventive maintenance for a long service life for your printing press

Why preventive maintenance? Only with regular, conscientious maintenance can the performance of your rotary press be maintained in the long run, for your system must still prove convincing through high productivity and reliability, even after years of use.  

Electrical and mechanical inspections for your press

Regular inspections are further modules to guarantee a long service life and an efficient printing process in the long run. For this, our service team can draw up a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the condition of your system, and give you recommendations for necessary or useful maintenance and repair work.  

The latest measuring and analysis methods

To round off, we can offer a large number of services, for example bearing analysis or thermography audit. These measuring and analysis methods, some of which are patented, allow you to view your printing press from a completely new, additional point of view. This gives you a broader information basis about the current condition of your system.

  • You discover possible faults at an early stage
  • Greater production reliability and higher productivity of your printing press
  • Experienced experts and defined spare part packages guarantee perfect results
  • Professional quality service through experienced specialists
  • Patented measuring methods and tools

Maintenance service for reelstands

Paper is an elementary component of print production, and trouble-free paper supply for your rotary press is a prerequisite for the productivity that is necessary today. To achieve this goal reliably, even after years, the service specialists at Koenig & Bauer recommend the regular maintenance of your reelstand.

Maintenance service for printing units

A register in the micrometre range, stable colour density over the width and run time, as well as a consistently stable ink-water balance require maximum precision in the mechanical, electronic and control systems. To ensure that your printing press shows first-class print quality even after years of operation, a mechanical and electrical maintenance service of your printing unit should be carried out regularly.

Maintenance service for stitchers

The quality of stitching is strongly influenced by regular maintenance work. This is why our experts not only replace parts but also carry out the appropriate corrections to the settings of the stitcher. These are the basic prerequisites for true-to-register positioning and for correct staple closure.

Maintenance service for folders

In the course of each folder maintenance service, the aggregate is first subjected to a complete inspection, including radial cams and product guiding. Optionally, the replacement of all belts in the folder is possible. Only belts of Koenig & Bauer OEM quality are internally preassembled and used by us.

With this service, maintenance deficits, wear or damage to your system can be detected at an early stage and remedied. This helps you to avoid unscheduled downtimes and assure the performance of your system in the long term.

Mechanical inspection

Precise and reliable mechanical components play an enormously important part in the productivity and quality of print production. For this reason we recommend that important mechanical press components should be inspected regularly by our experts.

Electrical inspection

This comprises a visual and functional check of the system components of the control cabinets, the connections of control consoles and of section controllers.

A bearing analysis offers the means to reliably and exactly determine the condition of the roller bearings installed in a printing press, with the help of a special measuring method.  

The advantages of this bearing measurement method:

  • Incipient damage to roller bearings can thus be accurately located. 
  • External factors have no adverse influence on the precision of the measurement

Patented analytical method

Specialists in our centre for quality control analyse the collected data using a patented method. The results are illustrated in a comprehensive analysis report.

A thermography audit is a service by Koenig & Bauer which uses the latest measuring methods to detect changes in electrical or mechanical system components at an early stage.  

Measurement using the latest thermal imaging technology

The system components to be examined are first defined and then recorded on site on your premises using a high-resolution thermal imaging camera. Thanks to the non-contact thermal imaging technology, the measurements can be carried out while the press is running. In this way, expensive press downtimes can be avoided.

With this service for the professional measurement of printing plate geometry, we should like to help you to create the basis for optimum production conditions. Through a periodic measurement of the printing plates in our quality control centre, you can ensure that all of the parameters of your press-ready printing plates meet the design requirements.  

Optical and geometrical plate measurement by Koenig & Bauer offers you the opportunity to detect problems such as colour register fluctuations through plate creep, plate breakage or faults in mounting and removing plates in automatic plate changers.

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