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High-volume packaging printing: Grupo Gondi in Mexico


Packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated, even in China, India, Brazil or Mexico where customer demands are increasing. Additionally, packaging for Apple, Nestle and other global brands are mainly produced in those countries where the smartphones, food, cosmetics, consumer electronics and other high-quality goods are manufactured for export. In the meantime packaging printers in threshold countries have to invest in the cutting-edge technology found in industrial countries if they wish to keep up with the competition in terms of quality and prices.  


One of many examples is Grupo Gondi in Mexico. Within the space of six months Mexico’s largest packaging group ordered two twin-coater presses each with 12 printing, coating and drying units, hybrid kit for conventional and UV ink as well as the maximum equipment options and automation possible, a Rapida 145 and a Rapida 164. The long jumbo presses will deliver maximum productivity for large print runs and the flexibility often necessary today to handle absorbent and non-absorbent stock as well as guaranteeing a raft of special finishing effects. More at "Mexico's biggest packaging group orders two Jumbo Rapidas"

We will continue to invest in the innovations our markets Need.
Eduardo Posada, CEO
Grupo Gondi
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