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New business models in digital inkjet newspaper printing


Intensify your customer connectivity, develop new advertising concepts and attract fresh revenue sources. That is how you can effectively combat the current shift in the media situation. The RotaJET L Series is pivotal to your success and the key to new concepts in newspaper printing.


  • Hybrid production – combining low-cost, high-volume offset products with offers and advertising material targeted towards your customers.
  • Optimize your newspaper production with variable formats, flexible page counts, classical newspaper and semi-commercial products all from one press system.
  • Expand your influence and broaden your product range with strongly regionalized content.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your entire production by printing smaller, less profitable editions one after the other thanks to the flying job change.


Only by exploiting new business opportunities can you combat declining number of copies and profit from the variability and flexibility of the RotaJET L Series.

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