Flatbed die-cutterIpress 145 PRO / 145 K PRO

The Ipress PRO Series is the new generation of 57” / 145 Die Cutter made by Koenig & Bauer Iberica. This press is built to Iberica’s high exacting standards, using original production processes 100% developed in our plant in Barcelona, to ensure long life and high productivity. Including many advanced electronic devices, the Ipress PRO Series is one of the fastest and most precise pieces of equipment in its sector.
The Ipress PRO Series can be equipped with the new OPMR (Optical Print Mark Register) for the front and side-lays registration. A fully automatic non-stop feeder and a full logistics system, completely removes manual handling of incoming and outgoing piles.

  • The Ipress PRO Series gives the possibility to die-cut several types of substrate including board and corrugated board mainly, as per most conventional material to run on the large format machines
  • The comprehensive range of optional equipment allows the configuration of the "perfect" Die-Cutter giving our customers the ideal machine for all of their requirements in the Packaging Industry.
  • The new blanker Ipress 145 PRO and 145 K PRO are the most technologically advanced blanker for customers who look for high speed production and perfectly combined with an exceptional registration, high quality standards, easy handle and fast preparation.
  • This new generation of Iberica blankers is equipped with new tooling technology to do “sheeting” in a fast and easy way. This is the result of the synergy and the collaboration with local die-makers, for the continuous improvement of our units.
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