Broad spectrum of services to secure the long-term availability and performance of its Commander offset web pressStrong Signal for the Newspaper Industry: ColdsetInnovation Fulda Extends Service Contract with Koenig & Bauer to 2035

  • ColdsetInnovation and Koenig & Bauer extend service contract for a further ten years
  • Term and scope of the contract demonstrate commitment to lasting partnership
  • Contract covers a multitude and preventive services
  • Agreed scope includes remote maintenance service PressSupport 24 together with Visual ServiceSupport

Meeting to sign the contract extension (left to right): Matthias May, service management, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed; Siegfried Wahl, managing director, ColdsetInnovation Fulda; Thomas Bergmann, head of service management, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed

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ColdsetInnovation Fulda is extending its service partnership with Koenig & Bauer for a further ten years and describes this step as confirmation of its long-term commitment to newspaper printing. The service contract concluded in 2015 has served the company well by safeguarding problem-free operation of its highly automated Commander satellite press. At the end of November, a delegation from ColdsetInnovation travelled from Fulda to the Koenig & Bauer headquarters in Würzburg to sign a ten-year extension of the present service contract beyond the original expiry date in 2025.

“The scope and extended term of the contract reflect our satisfaction with the service provided by Koenig & Bauer,” says Siegfried Wahl, managing director of ColdsetInnovation, placing a spotlight on the importance of this investment in the future. “It is not only a clear avowal of our partnership with Koenig & Bauer, but also a signal to the entire newspaper industry.”

Comprehensive range of preventive services

In addition to regular preventive maintenance on the folder and reelstands, the contract covers a whole series of inspections. These include both thermographic audits and bearing analyses to enable precise assessment of the condition of the cylinder bearings on the Commander press using a patented analysis method. Within the framework of routine “health checks”, specialists from Koenig & Bauer examine every last detail of the press and draw up a comprehensive report to identify areas in which action is necessary and to specify recommended measures.

Remote maintenance and Visual ServiceSupport

With the remote maintenance service PressSupport24, ColdsetInnovation can rest assured that arising problems will be dealt with directly, quickly and precisely, without the need for a technician to attend in person. Through the associated augmented-reality-based app Visual ServiceSupport for mobile devices, factory technicians are able to look over the shoulder of their local colleagues and can provide step-by-step support to aid fault rectification.

The customer and the press

ColdsetInnovation Fulda GmbH & Co. KG prints up to 90,000 four-colour newspapers per hour on the Commander satellite press installed in Eichenzell. The highly automated press has been in use for more than twelve years. It comprises three reelstands, three printing towers, a KF 5 folder and various add-on modules for inline finishing. Alongside daily and weekly newspaper titles, the portfolio handled by ColdsetInnovation includes books, catalogues and a number of very demanding print jobs, among them transparent wrappers for the newspapers Ärzte Zeitung and Ärzte Woche, as well as newspapers for a Chinese customer.


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