Rapida 106 X for packaging productionEson Pac opts for future-oriented sheetfed offset technology from Koenig & Bauer

  • Comprehensive automation features
  • Latest technology for future-proof production
  • Reliable supply chains across all production segments

A Rapida 106 X with seven printing units and coating facilities will soon herald the next step in the modernisation of the press hall at Eson Pac in Veddige, Sweden (1)

Over the past 18 months, Swedish pharmaceuticals packaging specialist Eson Pac has invested heavily in both its label and leaflet production capacities. This modernisation strategy has now been continued with the company’s purchase of an 18,000 sph Rapida 106 X for cardboard packaging printing. The seven-colour press is configured with an inline coater and extended delivery, as well as automation solutions such as DriveTronic SPC for simultaneous plate changing. Delivery and commissioning is scheduled for late summer this year.

Pierre Åkesson, COO at Eson Pac, explains: “By installing this seven-colour printing press in our plant in Veddige, we will significantly increase our flexibility and printing capacity. We have had several Koenig & Bauer presses up and running in Veddige for a few years now.”

Print manager Daniel Skarp, production technician Tobbe Svensson and COO Pierre Åkesson (left to right) are looking forward to arrival of the new technology (3)

The new Rapida 106 X, which is replacing a press made by another manufacturer, replicates the platform and equipment features of the Rapidas which are already in use, thereby promising considerable benefits and synergy effects. The Rapida 106 X represents the state of the art and makes Eson Pac “fit for the future” – with advanced technological solutions for the highest levels of productivity. “This is ideal for us and our customers, and a natural step for Eson Pac with our continued focus on pharmaceutical packaging production. Additionally, the investment in new technology reduces our carbon footprint by lowering energy consumption, which is very important in terms of sustainability,” says Pierre Åkesson.

As the Eson Pac COO is proud to point out, “To be the owner of the best production equipment on the market for all our production segments enables us to make further improvements to our service levels and guarantee our customers a reliable supply chain.”

Pierre Åkesson, COO at Eson Pac, with one of the company’s current Rapida 106 presses: “By installing this new seven-colour printing press, we will significantly increase our flexibility and printing capacity.” (2)


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