Special Solutions

Direct printing on glass and hollow containers

KBA-Kammann offers printing systems for decorating hollow containers made from glass, plastic and metal. Along with screen printing, KBA-Kammann’s precise and flexible transport systems can also be equipped with hot-stamping, digital printing and decorating processes. KBA-Kammann is the global market leader in systems for directly decorating glass. Directly decorated glass containers are mainly used for cosmetics, perfume and spirituous beverages in the top price class.

KBA Kammann GmbH    

Banknote and Security printing

KBA has built systems for banknote and security printing since 1952. Some 90 per cent of the world’s banknotes are printed on machines from KBA-NotaSys. Consulting, development and sales activities are conducted by KBA-NotaSys in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company’s unparalleled system expertise in banknote and security design and production embraces sophisticated electronic quality control systems. The machines are built, produced and all service activities are carried by KBA-NotaSys in Würzburg, Germany, and KBA-Mödling near Vienna, Austria.

KBA-NotaSys SA    

Metal decorating

KBA subsidiary KBA-MetalPrint is the technology and market leader in metal decorating, offering a complete service from initial draft to printed, coated and stacked sheets including peripherals. Alongside Metalstar multicolour presses, which are based on KBA's large-format Rapidas and available with inline coaters and thermal or UV dryers, KBA-MetalPrint's product range encompasses specialised materials handling systems, control systems and energy-efficient air purification systems.

KBA MetalPrint GmbH    


Acquiring Metronic has enabled us to expand into the market for industrial ID systems (inkjet, laser, hot stamping, thermal transfer).

KBA Metronic GmbH

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