Corporate Philosophy

Guiding Principles

  • Our customers inspire our policies
  • Our workforce is our greatest asset
  • Our innovations secure our future
  • Our commitment is to quality
  • Our duty is to Society

Our Objectives  

  • To extend the frontiers of innovation
  • To become the technological leader in key markets
  • To expand our global market position with a clear focus on the growth markets packaging, digital and special printing
  • To offer systems competence through in-house expertise or strategic alliances
  • To maintain a consistently high standard of quality in both our products and our services
  • To offer practical solutions to individual production needs
  • To intensify customer care and after-sales service
  • To maintain a high level of staff motivation and qualification
  • To generate an appropriate profit and enhance shareholder value
  • To protect the environment by improving press and production ecology
  • To fulfil our social and cultural obligations
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