RegisterErgoTronic ICR

Fully integrated register measurement with ErgoTronic ICR

ErgoTronic ICR is an automatic register measuring system. A motorised measuring beam is mounted directly on the ErgoTronic console and evaluates register marks on the printed sheets. The control function calculates the necessary corrections for lateral, circumferential and diagonal register. A full measurement is completed in around 50 seconds. In most cases, the press is ready for production after 80 to 100 sheets.

The measurements are performed automatically, independently of the colour measurement in the Koenig & Bauer colour bars (from version 2012). In combination with the console wallscreen, ErgoTronic ICR also possesses an optional video magnifier function (ErgoTronic ImageZoom).

Optimum print quality made by Koenig & Bauer
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  • Innovative technology provides for ultimate measuring accuracy
  • Automatic measurements
  • No separate hand-held device
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