QualityQualiTronic Professional

QualiTronic Professional: Superlative inline quality control

QualiTronic Professional is a combination of the inline colour measuring system QualiTronic ColorControl and inline image inspection. Production is monitored on the basis of an initial reference sheet. Any deviations detected are indicated on the screen and documented accordingly.

Thanks to the modular design, it is a simple matter to expand the colour measuring camera of QualiTronic ColorControl system for sheet inspection. Two functions are then provided by a single module.

QualiTronic Professional is installed after the last printing or coating unit. On perfector presses, the print quality can naturally be monitored on both sides of the sheet. Errors in the image are visualised on the wallscreen and signalled by way of a lamp above the press. It is similarly possible to mark the affected sheets by inserting a tag in the pile and to create corresponding error reports.

Inline sheet inspection with QualiTronic Professional functions right up to the maximum production speed of the press.

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  • Higher quality in the pile
  • Faster reaction to deviations
  • Less waste during production
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