ColourErgoTronic ColorDrive

Enter the world of colour measurement with ErgoTronic ColorDrive

ErgoTronic ColorDrive is the entry-level system for automatic colour measurement on Rapida sheetfed offset presses. The measuring device is installed on the sheet inspection desk of the ErgoTronic console. Colour measurements and visual assessment of the sheet can thus be performed simultaneously.

The motorised measuring head scans the Koenig & Bauer colour bars at the front edge of the sheet. The exact position in the direction of print is adjusted manually. At the end of the scan, the measured density values are presented on the console monitor or wallscreen in a graphic display. The measurements can then be taken over as the basis for static or dynamic corrections of the ink key settings.

In addition to the measurement and control of optical densities, ErgoTronic ColorDrive can also be used as a referencing system for QualiTronic ColorControl. A whole series of options expands the range of measuring and reporting functions.

Optimum print quality made by Koenig & Bauer
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  • Outstanding value for money
  • Colour measurement and visual assessment can be performed simultaneously
  • Referencing of QualiTronic ColorControl
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