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Digital Printing of the Highest Class

The Koenig & Bauer RotaJET is a high-volume printing press for the most diverse applications. It enables our customers to set their sights on new, digital concepts. After all, the digital printing market is one of the most important growth segments in the entire printing industry, not only due to its flexibility, but also because it facilitates the transformation of business models.

Developed for industrial single-pass digital printing, the Koenig & Bauer RotaJET is a high-end printing press. The system enables the processing of a wide range of substrates. Guiding the web around a central cylinder allows absolute precision, consistent quality and ultimate stability.

The continuing trends towards individualisation and personalisation, alongside a constant demand for innovative designs that enhance brand value, count among the key drivers of digital transformation in the printing industry. Digital printing not only minimises time to market for our customers – it also offers exceptionally flexible options in terms of seasonal variations and product life cycles.

Marketing campaigns, special events, targeted promotions, track & trace and digital watermarks can all be implemented with ease. Further more, smart packaging creates new opportunities for direct communication with customers.

The Koenig & Bauer RotaJET is available for web widths from 770 to 2,250 mm. With an output of up to 36,450 m2 per hour, it sets the benchmark for industrial digital printing. The modular design with the option of upgrades provides unique versatility and permits adaptation to the most varied fields of application in industrial and commercial printing.

  • Highly Flexible and Variable Machine Layout
  • Latest Inkjet Technology for Top Quality - Even on Coated Offset Paper
  • Precise Mechanical Engineering With Digital Flexibility
  • Maximised Automation for Highest Efficiency

Facts and Figures

Piezo Druckkopftechnologie Fujifilm Dimatix Samba
Tröpfchengröße Variabel
Druckauflösung 1.200 dpi native
Druckmodus Seamless print
Bahnbreite Max. 2.250 mm
Workflow Intelligentes Jobmanagement RotaNET
Papiergewichte 30 – 400 g/m²
Druckgeschwindigkeit Max. 270 m/min
Substratführung Zentralzylinder


Highly efficient production of shorter runs, which also allow for personalised and special interest packaging. Optional version for H1 requirements.

To the RotaJET for packaging printing


Digitally printed decors for flooring, furniture, wall and ceiling panels, kitchen plates and many more similar applications. The time to market is reduced for new designs and the production of existing decors becomes more flexible.

To the RotaJET for decor printing


Highly efficient book production. Lightweight, standard and high-volume book papers can be used. Medium to long digital printing runs.

To the RotaJET for book printing



Digital printing with water-based inks is sustainable. The highly efficient production process means that there is hardly any waste in digital printing. Demand-oriented production reduces waste and resource consumption over the entire life cycle of a printed product.

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