RotaJET for Packaging Printing

The trend towards ever greater diversification in the field of consumer goods poses significant challenges for brands and converters. Flying job changes enable highly efficient production of shorter runs, which also allow for personalised and special interest packaging. On the Koenig & Bauer RotaJET, the question of food safety is addressed not just in terms of the inks and other fluids, but for the press as a whole. Accordingly, it is also available in an optional version that meets H1 requirements.

  • Koenig & Bauer reel transport system
  • Available in manual and automatic versions (Patras M or Patras A)
  • Optional: reel supply from the main paper storage to the Koenig & Bauer RotaJET
  • Manual unwinder
  • Optional: automatic reelstand with automatic splicing
  • Integration of third-party reelstands possible
  • Cleaning of the substrate surface on one or both sides
  • With or without contact by way of a cleaning module with fan-and-filter unit
  • Antistatic system
  • Homogeneous all-over application
  • With dryer
  • Pre-coating enables the use of standard papers
  • Optional: flexo sleeve unit for spot pre-coating
  • Coating length 640 – 1,450 mm
  • Anilox roller / forme sleeve
  • Central cylinder for precisely defined web guiding and perfect registration
  • 4 radially arranged inkjet arrays
  • Two printing head rows per array for maximum performance
  • 1,200 × 1,200 dpi for 135 m/min and 1,200 × 600 dpi for 270 m/min
  • CMYK colour system with highly pigmented packaging inks for an extra-wide colour gamut
  • Central operator displays for production planning, press control, sub-systems and peripherals
  • Intuitive touch panel control
  • Production-specific report generation
  • Optional: remote operation using a tablet
  • Print quality inspection system in Basic and optional Advanced versions
  • HD camera system covering the entire printing width
  • Automatic banding compensation with tone value specification
  • Nozzle detection
  • Optional: PQMS Advanced with 100% inspection on the basis of a ‘golden image’, including the evaluation of predefined samples
  • Maximum energy efficiency through the combination of near-infrared (NIR) dryer modules and warm air circulation (wave modules)
  • Intelligent dryer management for adaptation to individual web widths and substrate characteristics
  • Integrated cooling system for straightforward and reliable online further processing
  • Choice of dispersion or UV coating units
  • Flat coating
  • Optional: flexo sleeve unit for spot coating
  • Min./max. cut-off length: 490 – 840 mm or 640 – 1,450 mm
  • Rewinder with manual reel changing
  • Optional: automatic reelstand with flying reel changes
  • Optional: Patras reel logistics for automatic further handling and transport of the printed reels
  • Inline sheeter, rewinder, embossing, creasing and die-cutting units according to customer needs
Standard Optional
Precoating Vollflächiger Auftrag, Rasterwalze, einseitig Flexo-Sleeve-Einheit für partiellen Auftrag
Lackierwerk - Lackierung vollflächig, auch möglich als Flexo-Sleeve-Einheit für partiellen Auftrag, für wasserbasierte und/oder UV-Lacke, min./max. Abschnittslänge: 490 - 840 mm oder 640 - 1.450 mm
Flexodruckeinheit Hybrid-Option: Flexo-Sleeve-Technologie, min./max. Abschnittslänge: 490 - 840 mm oder 640 - 1.450 mm -
Workflow/Kommunikation RotaNET, webbasierender XML-Workflow inklusive PDF-Preflight und Korrekturmöglichkeiten, Queue-Management und XML-Reporting mit eingebundenem Adobe-RIP-Core -
Bahnbreite Max. 2.250 mm -
Druckbreite Max. 2.243 mm -
Druckgeschwindigkeit Von 40 bis 135 m/min bei 1.200 x 1.200 dpi, bis 270 m/min bei 1.200 x 600 dpi -
Druckmodus/Tinte Hochpigmentierte CMYK, Packaging-optimierte H2O-Tinten, formuliert nach Swiss Ordinance und GMP-Produktion -
Inline-Weiterverarbeitung Aufwickler mit automatischem Rollenwechsler, Inline-Sheeter, Rewinder, Präge-, Rill- und Stanz-Einheiten nach Kundenwunsch -

Application Examples

  • Folding cartons
  • Top liner lamination for corrugated products
  • Beverage cartons
  • Paper bags/pouches
  • Indoor and outdoor posters and signage
  • Wide range of paper weights
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The RotaJET for Further Application Fields


Digitally printed decors for flooring, furniture, wall and ceiling panels, kitchen plates and many more similar applications. The time to market is reduced for new designs and the production of existing decors becomes more flexible.

To the RotaJET for decor printing


Highly efficient book production. Lightweight, standard and high-volume book papers can be used. Medium to long digital printing runs.

To the RotaJET for book printing
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