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Waterless newspaper printing with coating: visionary Cortina users


Sinking circulations are a challenge for many newspaper printing companies. Some resign themselves to their fate, others take the initiative to fill the capacities of their presses with attractive print products from outside the traditional field of newspaper production. Around 20 users of the waterless offset Koenig & Bauer Cortina set a good example by leading the way. In the broad publication and advertising market some of them have enjoyed growing success in terms of format, layout and quality with often unusual print products, in particular with coldset products on uncoated stock whose the look and feel extol the strengths of print.


Set off, smudging or folding marks on a print product cannot always be avoided even on uncoated stock in web offset without a hot-air dryer. However, this does not apply to the waterless Cortina with coater(s). This type of inline finishing with aqueous coating is only possible in coldset printing without water. This is why some Cortina users in Germany have equipped their presses with coaters and promote waterless coldset printing with coating with great enthusiasm and creativity.

Overprint varnish at Freiburger Druck.
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We wanted two commercial presses that could also print newspapers.
Matthias Tietz, managing director
Rheinisch Bergischen Druckerei (RBD)
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