Medium FormatRapida 106 X - Packaging Printing

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  • Individual modules, adapted to the specific production requirements, increase productivity

AirTronic delivery

  • Aerodynamic gripper bars optimise airflow
  • Venturi sheet guide plates for contact-free sheet guiding
  • Dynamic sheet brake with speed-compensated suction belts 
  • Full preset capability of all air and format settings ensures the fastest possible makeready

Double pile delivery

  • Automatically separates good and waste sheets into two separate stacks, ensuring smooth processes for the next process step


  • Conventional, UV or hybrid combinations available

QualiTronic ColorControl

  • Extremely fast colour control system reduces waste to an absolute minimum
  • Inline colour measurement of every single sheet and control of every 10th sheet for consistently high print quality
  • Content monitoring options available: 
    • QualiTronic PrintCheck for comparison against master
    • QualiTronic PDFCheck for comparison against PDF
    • QualiTronic PDFHighRes for high resolution comparison against PDF


  • Fully automatic anilox roller change at the console
  • Reduces job changeover times to a minimum

Inline dryer units

  • Flexible use of dryer modules depending on application and ink / lacquer systems used

DriveTronic SFC (Simultaneous Forme Change)

  • Automatic removal and loading of coating forme
  • Changed in less than 1 minute

EasyClean + UV

  • Specially coated ink ducts for rapid ink changes
  • Maintenance free pneumatic and leak proof ink ducts
  • Can easily handle UV inks as part of daily production

Disengageable inking units

  • Individual inking units can be engaged or disengaged as required for the job in hand
  • No need to apply roller paste and no washing down to resume production


  • Parallel washing processes and job-specific, preselectable washing programmes for excellent cleaning results
  • CleanTronic Synchro: simultaneous washing of blankets and impression cylinders during plate change with DriveTronic SPC
  • "PrintClean" function: removes excess ink from plates and blankets to reduce blanket washing

DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Washing)

  • Roller washing parallel to other makeready processes or parallel to production in non-printing units
  • Significantly reduces makeready times, especially during colour changes

DriveTronic SPC (Simultaneous Plate Change)

  • Fully automatic simultaneous plate change in all printing units
  • All plates changed in under 1 minute

Sheet travel

  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for stress-free sheet travel and ultimate substrate flexibility 
  • Hardened gripper tips and finely structured gripper pads for maximum holding forces and precise sheet transfer
  • Easily accessible venturi sheet guide plates for marking- and scratch-free production

DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System)

  • Patented sheet infeed system
  • Electronically controlled lateral sheet alignment
  • Eliminates maintenance and wear

Elevation options

  • For processing higher piles for more efficiency with thicker substrates

DriveTronic feeder

  • DriveTronic single-drive technology for absolute precision and high production speeds of up to 22,000 sph
  • 4 servo motors for all settings at the feeder
  • Full preset capability for all format and air settings for the shortest makeready times


  • Individual modules, adapted to the specific production requirements, increase productivity

The new performance benchmark in packaging printing

Koenig & Bauer has been a trusted market leader in packaging printing for decades and, with the Rapida 106 X, sets another milestone in this segment - for even greater performance and efficiency. Take it to a whole new level and prepare for future market demands in industrial packaging printing.


  • Printing speeds of up to 22,000 sph, depending on the substrate, for a wide range of materials for folding carton production
  • Optimised parallel washing processes and specially coated EasyClean ink ducts for even shorter makeready times with frequent ink changes, e.g. of spot colours
  • Simultaneous roller washing with DriveTronic SRW during ongoing production
  • One or more coaters before or after the printing units for a wide range of finishing options
  • Cutting-edge, low-volume chambered doctor blade technology and AniloxLoader for fully automatic anilox roller changes
  • Automated coating forme changing in less than a minute with DriveTronic SFC
  • Complex dryer solutions for a variety of fascinating finishes and special effects
  • Double-pile delivery for sorted stacking of good sheets and ejection of faulty sheets during production
  • Inline quality monitoring, including comparison with the PDF from prepress files and inline ink key control
  • LiveApp family to support press operation and warehouse management

Trends in packaging production

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Rapida 106 X - packaging segment benefits:

  • Exceptional performance through maximum automation around the printing process
  • Excellent print quality through market-leading colour measurement and control system
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of configurations and options - perfectly tailored to your requirements
  • Almost limitless variety of fascinating finishes and special effects thanks to complex dryer solutions
  • Significant waste reduction thanks to extensive preset functions and the option of ejecting incorrect sheets in the double-pile delivery
  • Time savings during job changes thanks to parallel makeready processes already during production run



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