Medium FormatRapida 106 X - Label Printing

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AirTronic delivery

  • Aerodynamic gripper bars optimise airflow
  • Venturi sheet guide plates for contact-free sheet guiding
  • Dynamic sheet brake with speed-compensated suction belts 
  • Full preset capability of all air and format settings ensures the fastest possible makeready

Ionisation unit and side blowers

  • De-elimination device to reduce static charges on arrival of the sheet
  • Precise pile formation even at high printing speeds

Double pile delivery

  • Automatically separates good and waste sheets into two separate stacks, ensuring smooth processes for the next process step


  • Conventional, UV or hybrid combinations available

QualiTronic ColorControl

  • Extremely fast colour control system reduces waste to an absolute minimum
  • Inline colour measurement of every single sheet and control of every 10th sheet for consistently high print quality
  • Content monitoring options available: 
    • QualiTronic PrintCheck for comparison against master
    • QualiTronic PDFCheck for comparison against PDF
    • QualiTronic PDFHighRes for high resolution comparison against PDF

DriveTronic SFC (Simultaneous Forme Change)

  • Automatic removal and loading of coating forme
  • Changed in less than 1 minute


  • Fully automatic anilox roller change at the console
  • Reduces job changeover times to a minimum

DriveTronic SRW (Simultaneous Roller Washing)

  • Roller washing parallel to other makeready processes or parallel to production in non-printing units
  • Dramatically reduces make ready and color changes

Cold Foil

  • For the highest quality finishing effects on printed products
  • Different systems available, tailored to the frequency of application
  • Quick-Make-Ready system enables fast changeover between jobs
  • Various modules for foil-saving material use

Paper stretch compensation

  • Fully automatic stretching of the printing plate at the end of printing in lateral and circumferential direction to compensate for paper stretching
  • Control console operated
  • Enables precise registration across the entire sheet

Sheet travel

  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for stress-free sheet travel and ultimate substrate flexibility 
  • Hardened gripper tips and finely structured gripper pads for maximum holding forces and precise sheet transfer
  • Easily accessible venturi sheet guide plates for marking- and scratch-free production

DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System)

  • Patented sheet infeed system
  • Electronically controlled lateral sheet alignment
  • Eliminates maintenance and wear

Ionisation unit and side blowers

  • De-elimination device to reduce static charges on arrival of the sheet
  • Precise pile formation even at high printing speeds

DriveTronic feeder

  • DriveTronic single-drive technology for absolute precision and high production speeds of up to 20,000 sph
  • 4 servo motors for all settings at the feeder
  • Full preset capability for all format and air settings for the shortest makeready times

Reel Sheeter

  • RS106 X - reel-to-sheet feeder for processing cost-effective reel stock with grammages between 35 and 300 g/m² and reel widths from 520 to 1,060 mm
  • Production rates up to 20,000 sph
  • Variable sheet section up to 780 mm
  • High flexibility thanks to fast, simple docking and undocking to and from the press

The new performance benchmark in label printing

Labels are something special because they give products their unique, unmistakable character. In order to meet the high market demands, you as a label producer are particularly challenged. Performance, quality and flexibility in production play a decisive role here. With the most powerful Rapida 106 X ever, you can master all challenges with confidence and in the highest quality.


  • RS 106 reel-to-sheet makeready with full flexibility in terms of sheet length - up to 780 mm
  • DriveTronic SIS for fully automatic and accurate sheet alignment
  • Foil package with high-performance de-electrification and side blowers with ionisation for stable production of particularly sensitive substrates
  • Control console-controlled Venturi floating sheet guide for safe and gentle sheet transport through the press Cold foil units for brilliant and highly efficient inline finishing
  • DriveTronic SRW permits simultaneous changeover of spot colours during ongoing production
  • Plate stretching - paper stretch compensation for precise register across the entire sheet
  • Configurations and equipment packages tailored to your requirements: e.g. one or more coaters before or after printing for a wide range of finishing options
  • Cutting-edge, low-volume chambered doctor blade technology and AniloxLoader for fully automatic anilox roller changing
  • Automated coating forme changing in less than a minute with DriveTronic SFC
  • Extensive solutions for inline quality monitoring, including comparison with the PDF from prepress

Rapida 106 X - benefits for label sement

  • Highest output of net saleable sheets through production speeds of up to 20,000 sph and full flexibility in terms of format utilisation
  • Exceptional productivity thanks to customised automation modules and additional packages specifically for printing labels
  • Excellent print quality thanks to market-leading colour measurement and control system
  • Virtually limitless variety of fascinating finishes thanks to coating and drying concepts and inline cold foil solutions
  • Innovative solutions for resource-saving and sustainable print production - also for the food sector
  • Finishing systems specially optimised for label production based on the Rapida platform and its operating concept



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