Medium FormatRapida 106 X - Commercial Printing

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ErgoTronic AutoRun

  • Autonomous printing mode for job sequences
  • Minimises job-to-job-transition
  • Software driven process that interacts with operator as required

AirTronic delivery

  • Aerodynamic gripper bars optimise airflow
  • Venturi sheet guide plates for contact-free sheet guiding
  • Dynamic sheet brake with speed-compensated suction belts 
  • Full preset capability of all air and format settings ensures the fastest possible makeready
  • Delivers uniform stacks even at 20,000 sheets/h in perfecting mode


  • Brilliant printing results on uncoated papers and non-absorbent substrates
  • Enables immediate further processing of the printed sheets
  • Higher printing performance in perfecting mode
  • Significant reduction of powder and protective coating

QualiTronic ColorControl

  • Extremely fast colour control system reduces waste to an absolute minimum
  • Inline colour measurement of every single sheet and control of every 10th sheet for consistently high print quality
  • Content monitoring options available: 
    • QualiTronic PrintCheck for comparison against master
    • QualiTronic PDFCheck for comparison against PDF
    • QualiTronic PDFHighRes for high resolution comparison against PDF

Paper stretch compensation

  • Fully automatic stretching of the printing plate at the end of printing in lateral and circumferential direction to compensate for paper stretching
  • Control console operated
  • Enables precise registration across the entire sheet


  • Unique: perfecting at up to 20,000 sph
  • Fully automatic mode change between perfecting and straight printing in about 2 minutes
  • Fully presettable
  • Maximises net production


  • Parallel washing processes and job-specific, preselectable washing programmes for excellent cleaning results
  • CleanTronic Synchro: simultaneous washing of blankets and impression cylinders during plate change with DriveTronic SPC
  • "PrintClean" function: removes excess ink from plates and blankets to reduce blanket washing

DriveTronic SPC (Simultaneous Plate Change)

  • Fully automatic simultaneous plate change in all printing units
  • All plates changed in under 1 minute

Sheet travel

  • Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for stress-free sheet travel and ultimate substrate flexibility 
  • Hardened gripper tips and finely structured gripper pads for maximum holding forces and precise sheet transfer
  • Easily accessible venturi sheet guide plates for marking- and scratch-free production

DriveTronic SIS (Sensoric Infeed System)

  • Patented sheet infeed system
  • Electronically controlled lateral sheet alignment
  • Eliminates maintenance and wear

DriveTronic feeder

  • DriveTronic single-drive technology for absolute precision and high production speeds of up to 20,000 sph
  • 4 servo motors for all settings at the feeder
  • Full preset capability for all format and air settings for the shortest makeready times

The new performance benchmark in industrial printing

The daily challenge in industrial commercial printing is to produce a to produce and deliver a wide range of different print media within a very short time. 

Therefore, the Rapida 106 X is the perfect partner at your side. It scores with the shortest makeready times, maximum performance and the highest top quality. 
With this innovative, top-of-the-range product from Koenig & Bauer you can increase the number of jobs and produce more saleable sheets. 


  • First sheetfed offset press in the world that can also print perfecting at up to 20,000 sph
  • ErgoTronic AutoRun for autonomous printing of a sequence of jobs with automatic start of the good sheet counter
  • Plate logistics from the platesetter directly into the changeover shaft of the printing units for super-fast makeready
  • DriveTronic SPC: simultaneous plate changing parallel to other makeready processes for the shortest possible job changeover times
  • FlyingJobChange for version and language changes "on the fly" 
  • Process-optimised washing functions, for example "PrintClean" can replace blanket washing for short runs 
  • Fully automatic paper-stretch compensation for exact register over the entire sheet 
  • Inline quality monitoring, including comparison with the PDF of the prepress and inline screw balance control
  • LED UV technology for immediate finishing and maximum colour brilliance even on uncoated paper
  • LiveApp family to support press operation and stock management

Rapida 106 X - commercial segment benefits:

  • Highest output of saleable net sheets thanks to printing speeds of up to 20,000 sheets per hour, also in perfecting mode
  • Exceptional productivity through maximum automation and autonomous printing
  • Outstanding print quality thanks to market-leading colour measurement and control system
  • Significant waste reduction through extensive preset functions
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of configurations and options for perfecting, including finishing, in a single process step
  • Maximum ease of operation thanks to intelligent control console concept with intuitive user interface



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