Comprehensive retrofit at Calprint S.L. in SpainCooperation for the future

  • Electrical retrofit
  • Integration of two printing towers into the existing line
  • Koenig & Bauer as competent partner
  • Presses brought into line with the start of the art  

The Comet press line at Calprint S.L. (2)
By way of an extensive electrical retrofit, the Spanish company Calprint S.L. has brought its two Comet presses from Koenig & Bauer into line with the latest state of the art. “It was important for us that production on the presses would not be interrupted by the retrofit work. And this was also achieved thanks to the fast, professional and competent handling by Koenig & Bauer,” says Maximiliano Miguel, technical director at Calprint S.L. The company has invested significantly in press equipment and its plant building over the past years. The most recent measures have now raised the quality of its products yet again. Eugenio Gascon, the president of Calprint S.L.: “Thanks to the retrofit measures and the consequently improved quality of our products, we were very quickly able to gain new customers. We are very satisfied and now well equipped for the future.” The project included upgrades to the six reelstands, two folders and the control system. In addition, two further towers were moved and integrated into the existing line. Martin Schoeps, head of service projects and contract management at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed: “It was by all means a very challenging project. But the tight schedule posed no problems and both the retrofit and commissioning of the new towers were completed very smoothly.”

Calprint S.L.

The print company with offices near Valladolid in Spain has been pursuing a course of continued growth for a number of years. Newspaper titles printed by Calprint S.L. include the Spanish dailies El Mundo, El Norte de Castilla, Gaceta de Salamanca and Diario de Leon.

Successful commissioning after the Comet retrofit at Calprint S.L. (l-r): David Rodriguez, technical director, Koenig & Bauer Lauvic; Paul Bansemer, service technician, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed; Marco Anderko, commissioning technician, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed; Maximiliano Miguel, technical director, Calprint S.L.; Leonardo Ludwig, service manager, Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed; Eugenio Gascon, president of Calprint S.L. (1)


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