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    Prevention that pays off.

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Your benefits

Regular inspections are important as a means to identify and rectify maintenance deficits, wear or potential sources of faults on your Rapida in good time. In this way, you avoid unplanned downtimes and safeguard long-term availability.

Koenig & Bauer is here your ideal partner, because:

  • Machine inspections by Koenig & Bauer pay off for you. They enable you to pre‑empt downtimes and the availability of your presses is maintained reliably at the highest level.
  • No-one knows your Rapidas better than we do. This means that we can offer you dependable advice on where to invest first in order to preserve ultimate performance.
  • Our inspections are tailored to your needs.You are the one who determines the duration and scope of an inspection. And you can thus make the best possible use of your available budget.
We would be pleased to advise you on the scope of an individual machine inspection.

Machine inspections in a nutshell

Ultimate press availability in three steps

Inspection according to a standardised checklist

Our qualified service technicians perform a detailed inspection of all mechanical and electrical components according to a standardised checklist, in order to assess the current technical condition of your press. These checks address more than 250 individual items and cover all the main systems and press components.

Identify areas of the press where action is necessary

A comprehensive report analyses the inspection results, providing information on the condition of both the press as a whole and individual components, on the distribution of relevant findings and on the expected duration of appropriate repairs. Reasons are also given for any wear which is determined.

Spare parts recommendations according to urgency of replacement

The assessment system used to evaluate the inspection results permits prioritisation of the part replacement recommendations according to the extent of wear and the potential impact on production. You receive a full list of the inspected parts, weighted according to the individual urgency of replacement. This enables you to focus on the most critical points and helps you to use your spare parts budget most effectively.

Inspection, advice and maintenance at the highest level

You and your personnel benefit from the expert knowledge of our specially trained service technicians

No-one knows your Rapida better than our qualified service technicians. They possess the necessary expertise to perform function and safety checks on all relevant components of your sheetfed offset presses. At the same time, we offer dedicated training for your own maintenance personnel to enable them to perform routine checks themselves. This, too, helps to guarantee the high long-term availability of your Rapida.

Where a comprehensive inspection of the whole press is impracticable due to budget constraints or tight schedules, we can instead concentrate on individual areas of the machine within the framework of a focus inspection.

Particular attention is here paid to components which are subjected to especially high stresses, but are at the same time decisive for the continued availability of your press for production. Defined wearing parts are replaced as a preventive measure to exclude the risk of unplanned downtimes in the future.

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