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What is Optimus dash & Why do I need it?

Optimus dash makes your business processes fast and flexible.

As unique as your business is, the Optimus Management Information System (MIS) adapts to your individual needs. Regardless of the substrates, processes or products involved – Optimus manages it all.

Optimus dash boosts your efficiency through lean management.

Use Optimus to link up your production and business process data in real time. This will give you absolute control over every aspect of your company activities, and allow you to maximise efficiency and effectiveness along your entire value chain.

Optimus dash makes you a sales winner.

Increase your return on sales by concentrating on the customers and products that Optimus CRM has identified as the ones promising the best margins. The Optimus Cloud Web-to-Print software is a fast and simple solution that attracts new customers and generates additional revenue.

Discover the new possibilities of Print 4.0 with Optimus dash

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Why choose Optimus dash?

Top benefits of Optimus dash

  • Faster response to customer requests thanks to unique job management functions
  • Increased earnings thanks to the focus on profit-generating jobs, and less tied-up capital through optimised stock management
  • Improved liquidity and business performance through automation of the ordering and invoicing processes, and more effective utilisation of working capital
  • Early detection and proactive prevention of bottlenecks through transparent production processes
  • Flexible corporate management and strategic decision-making thanks to real-time overviews of processes, data and performance indicators

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Fast calculations

  • Sales Enquiry & Calculation Engine supports efficient quotation preparation, ensuring prompt reactions to incoming enquiries and increasing incoming orders
  • Dynamically generated product templates minimise the risk of errors in quotation preparation by providing a crystal-clear description of the production steps for a given job 
  • Automated processing of incoming orders with automatic transfer of an electronic job ticket, including JDF-compliant stripping parameters, to the production department – without the need to repeat manual inputs or duplicate data
  • Outwork Manager automates the supplier enquiry process and automatically enters the supplier prices in calculations, for faster quotation preparation and enhanced customer satisfaction

Better sales management

  • Optimus CRM manages the entire sales process and helps you to achieve your sales objectives
  • Comprehensive tracking and analysis functions, in combination with specific marketing measures, increase your turnover and sales success
  • Optimus Cloud Mobile significantly reduces the administrative workload for your field sales team, improving the communication with customers and increasing sales opportunities

Job management

  • Job System presents a job list with a range of filter, sorting and display options, for an immediate overview of all relevant job data 
  • Job System guarantees the full transparency of all transactions associated with an individual production job, including operating data, purchase orders, stock movements, etc.
  • The integrated approval cycle communicates information on print approval in real time for effective and reliable production planning
  • Active Work Screen monitors all current activities by your team and displays the status of your jobs in real time, enabling you to identify and react to any possible bottlenecks in good time

Production planning and control

  • The best-in-class Optimus Scheduler promises incomparable flexibility in production planning, whether for forward or backward planning or for mid-point scheduling centred around your most important cost centres
  • Optimus Scheduler enables efficient multi-resource planning by generating ‘what-if scenarios’ as the basis for better assessment and utilisation of your production capacities
  • Automatic updating of the digital planning chart in accordance with real-time feedback on the job status from all connected machines permits extremely fast reactions to dynamically changing situations
  • Task Diary offers you a job list with all pending production jobs as a practical tool for efficient short-term planning and the fast processing of small jobs

Warehouse management

  • Stock Management offers real-time information and reports on the value and quantities of your product stocks and guarantees comprehensive records of all stock transactions for a complete audit 
  • Stock Management enables efficient warehouse management by defining minimum and maximum stock levels for individual products, alongside functions for the management of customer-specific stocks 
  • Stock Management automates the just-in-time staging of all materials required for a given production job, and reduces tied-up capital by optimising organisational processes and stock levels


  • Purchase Order Processing automatically creates a purchase order for all required articles using the information from the customer order 
  • Purchase orders are triggered automatically, for example when stocks fall below a defined minimum level, thereby safeguarding material availability for your planned production jobs
  • Purchase authorisations enable you to define user-specific approval limits in relation to the purchase order value or the type of articles to be purchased


  • Despatch supports efficient planning for fast, secure and punctual delivery of the product order to the customer
  • Despatch offers all sorts of delivery options, from the management of single deliveries through to complex distribution patterns, as well as automated delivery documents to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency in the despatch process
  • Despatch allows your customers to track deliveries in real time for maximum transparency and better customer relations


  • Sales Invoicing & Chargeable Items automates the generation of sales invoices to maintain a high level of liquidity
  • Sales Invoicing & Chargeable Items permits individual or joint approval and invoicing of the relevant cost items 
  • Fast and straightforward recording of additional costs to pass on to the customer
  • Verification of purchase invoices enables automatic reconciliation for all incoming goods deliveries, and ensures that jobs are always assigned the correct costs
  • Accounts Link ensures your purchase and sales invoices only need to be captured once, as well as correct assignment to the relevant ledger accounts and automatic checking of the customer’s credit limit when an order is received

Real-time data collection

  • JDF Main Module enables automatic information exchange between your MIS and the connected machines via the standardised CIP4 JDF interface
  • JDF Main Module communicates job metadata from the MIS for maximum automation of machine presets on the basis of detailed job, substrate and planning information
  • JDF Main Module shares real-time status information from production, e.g. time periods, resource data, personnel data, etc., to enable exact production planning and precise preliminary and final costing of the print jobs
  • Optimus Connect automates the data exchange between Optimus and non-CIP4/JDF-capable machines for full digitalisation of your production and exact shop floor data collection
  • Remote Data Collection (RDC) simplifies shop floor data collection by means of a user-friendly web application

Desktop messages

  • User-specific desktop messages inform your employees about required activities, therefore avoiding potential problems and minimising business risks 
  • A ticker with a traffic-light function on the Optimus start screen displays all relevant messages to the user in real time and in this way improves your internal communication
  • Drilldown makes it easy to ‘zoom’ to individual notifications to provide fast access to specific and decisive details

Work in progress display

  • Work in Progress Summary provides you with an overview of the scope and value of the current order book, as well as the costs incurred for all jobs still in production, to enable optimum commercial management and control 
  • The real-time display of all times, material consumption and third-party inputs posted to the work in progress facilitates monitoring of your turnaround times and optimisation of your customer services
  • Work in Progress Summary allows you to estimate pending revenues on the basis of all jobs scheduled for delivery during a defined period, for reliable cash flow forecasts within the framework of your liquidity planning

Transaction analysis

  • Transaction Analysis provides an immediate and up-to-date overview of your production costs on the basis of real-time postings of times, materials and third-party services
  • Transaction Analysis includes extended filter options for the creation of individual dashboards, as optimal support for strategic optimisation of your product portfolio, planning of your sales activities, etc. 

Sales analysis

  • Optimus Sales Analysis is an efficient sales tool for real-time monitoring and analysis of your most important performance indicators, enabling you to make sound, data-driven business decisions and thereby increase your revenues and profitability 
  • Optimus Sales Analysis enables you to identify and secure the loyalty of your most profitable customers, thereby significantly improving your customer retention rate

Vision KPIs

  • Vision KPIs is an indispensable tool for successful lean management and supplies the criteria for measurement of your processes
  • The structured layout of the KPI dashboard presenting the 8 essential indicators for lean management allows an immediate and structured evaluation of your overall equipment effectiveness, the productivity of your employees, etc.

Business intelligence

  • Optimus dash allows you to integrate the latest generation of powerful business intelligence tools, e.g. Grafana, Qlik Sense® or Microsoft Power BI, as the basis for user-defined dashboards to aid your decision-making processes

Optimus Cloud W2P

  • Optimus Cloud W2P is a user-friendly B2B solution for highly automated print product purchasing, geared to attracting more customers and orders and increasing your return on sales
  • Optimus Cloud W2P grants your customers immediate access to all necessary information – from the initial quotation to product delivery – and helps to boost customer loyalty

Workflow solution for folding carton printing

  • Packaging Module facilitates the automatic definition of production jobs on the basis of a comprehensive database of information describing folding carton and die-cutting contours, etc.
  • Packaging Module determines the imposition, which allows for optimal utilisation of the sheet space while taking nesting into account, and automatically creates a production-ready PDF file. 
  • Packaging Module improves your work processes in job preparation and pre-press, and reduces your process costs, especially in case of repeat jobs

Gang formes in commercial printing

  • Sheet Optimiser optimises and automates the imposition process for complex gang formes by determining the most efficient combination of different products and product parts on a single sheet
  • Unique, intelligent calculation algorithms provide for significant time savings and fewer errors in pre-press, and also optimise utilisation of the sheet area and reduce material costs

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  • +2,800,000

  • 10.000+

  • 400+

  • 38 & 10

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Managing Director, Druckerei Silber Druck oHGWolfgang Silber

‘More than twice as many jobs with our same team. Gigantic! Now we know: even more is possible!’

Prepress Manager, Druckerei Silber Druck oHG Christiane Lehmann

‘In commercial printing, gang formes can be a big challenge. The Sheet Optimiser creates them automatically – and helps to use every corner of the sheet. The software definitely makes work easier.’

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