Digital & Webfed ServiceOriginal manufacturer-quality spare parts

Original manufacturer-quality spare parts for your printing press

Your printing press delivers a top performance every day. This is only possible if all components interact perfectly. This is why you should rely only on original manufacturer-quality spare parts by Koenig & Bauer, for only they can meet the high standards of quality, safety and durability required to maintain the productivity and reliability of your rotary press.  

Very short delivery periods

The storage of the most important spare parts in international subsidiaries and delivery centres, as well as constantly optimised stockkeeping with continuous evaluation of worldwide consumption data, ensure very short delivery periods. On request, individual customer stockkeeping is also possible within the framework of a spare-part cooperation agreement.  

Fast, comfortable ordering in the WebShop

Order your spare parts quickly and securely in our WebShop. Nothing can be more comfortable: simply boot your computer or take your mobile device, and in a few clicks the product you need is ordered – around the clock, worldwide.

  • Original manufacturer-quality spare parts
  • Order your spare parts comfortably in the WebShop
  • 24/7 emergency spare part service
  • Cost advantages through cooperation agreements and Price Match guarantee
  • Repair service for spare parts

Should you need a spare part at short notice, our emergency spare part service will help you. This service is available to you 24/7 and 365 days a year, even outside regular business hours. The parts are shipped by express courier, or by air freight over longer distances.

Analysis and optimisation of your stockkeeping

As a special service, we should also be pleased to support you in the optimisation of your stockkeeping. To do this, we first analyse your spare parts stocks with respect to up-to-dateness or material flow.   This allows us to see which stock items are required frequently and which rarely, which stocks have to be increased and which should be reduced or even replaced. On the basis of these data we then carry out the appropriate optimisation of your warehouse stock in close consultation with you.

Cost advantages through a service agreement and/or cooperation agreement

With a cooperation agreement, you can save costs through various sales-dependent bonus credits, and benefit from our "Price Match" guarantee.  

If you then integrate your cooperation agreement as a module in a Koenig & Bauer service contract, you can benefit from other cost advantages, for example through additional sales and volume-dependent discounts, right from the first year.

Let our experts repair defective spare parts. We can get electric and electronic components from many different manufacturers, from drive motors to frequency converters, back into shape, quickly and inexpensively.  

Our experts can also repair mechanical spare parts. The range of services is very wide:

  • recoating rollers, rings, folding jaws,
  • cleaning micro-porous turner bars,
  • resharpening blades, and much more.
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