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Innovative special advertising formats create new sales potential

Special advertising formats quickly catch the reader's eye and stick in his memory. They are ideal for designing particularly striking and sustainable advertising images.  

With a suitable upgrade, these special formats, which are popular with readers and advertising customers alike, can also be implemented on your rotary press. In this way you can expand your range of formats and open up additional sales opportunities by developing new, profitable market segments.  

More attractive printed products with an upgrade by Koenig & Bauer

A retrofit with perforation modules, stitchers or also ink-jet imprinting systems improves the attractiveness of your printed products. With tear-out perforations, individual prize competition codes or also stitching, you can create added value for your readers and advertising customers.  

Improve the productivity of your printing press

Our range of products also offers a large number of solutions to improve the productivity of your printing press. Here, the main focus is on the reduction of waste, the shortening of setup times, stable production conditions and consistently high product quality.

  • Opportunity to open up new profitable market segments
  • More attractive products
  • Greater productivity
  • Sophisticated, reliable technical solutions

XXL super centre spread formats

Large-area ads are conspicuous and stand out from the mass of uniform advertising messages. On these XXL advertising spaces, up to six pages wide, you can offer your advertisers enough room for unusual and striking presentations of their brands.

MultiView – and your readers are guaranteed a Wow effect

The reader "discovers" this advertising format step-by-step by opening various tear-out perforations. MultiView catches the viewer's eye immediately and sticks in his memory.

SMART-Flap – the prize-winning advertising format

Create unusual advertising formats with a striking register. The visible register area offers a variety of categorisation and additional advertising options.

SMART-Fold systems

Koenig & Bauer offers you different systems to create a so-called plough fold. Depending on the version, these systems can be used to create plough folds with widths ranging from 25 mm up to a maximum of 400 mm.

Quarter fold – for producing attractive small-format flyers

By retrofitting a module to create a quarter fold, you can create inline printed products in an attractive small format. Whether as special flyers for events, television guides or simply as advertisements, these small, compact products are frequently kept by readers, taken along and also read through several times.

Special tabloid formats for large-area XL advertisements in tabloid format

With the special formats developed by Koenig & Bauer, for example Tabloid SuperVERTICAL and Tabloid SuperTRIPLE, our tabloid customers now also have the opportunity to convince their customers with striking and innovative advertising formats.


Save time and costs through inline finishing: with the SkipSlitter you can produce your daily newspaper with an advertising supplement in tabloid format, without any subsequent further processing.

Zip’n’Buy systems

Use our perforation modules Zip’n’Buy and Zip’n’Buy PLUS to create attractive prize competitions or coupon campaigns.

Inkjet imprinting system

By integrating an ink-jet imprinting system, you can enhance your offset printing press with the advantages of digital printing. This way you can produce offset printed products with individual advertisements or variable prize competition codes.

1U/2U signature stitcher and ribbon stitcher

With our ribbon and signature stitchers, you can stitch your printed products inline, that is, directly in the printing press. This saves capacity that would otherwise be required in further processing, and thus cuts costs.

Die Strang- & Lagenhefter der CompactStitch-Serie überzeugen durch kompakte Bauweise und niedriges Gewicht. Daraus ergeben sich ein äußerst geringer Platzbedarf sowie eine sehr gute Handhabung der Hefter bei Wartung.
Die Strang- & Lagenhefter der CompactStitch-Serie überzeugen durch kompakte Bauweise und niedriges Gewicht. Daraus ergeben sich ein äußerst geringer Platzbedarf sowie eine sehr gute Handhabung der Hefter bei Wartung.

Compact stitching systems

The ribbon and signature stitchers of the CompactStitch series will convince you through their compact design and low weight. This results in extremely modest space requirements as well as very easy handling of the stitchers during maintenance.

Lateral stitchers

With this world first, the inline lateral stitching of broadsheet products is now possible for the first time. The stitching of printed products with a quarter fold can also be implemented with such a system.

Web inspection system

Thanks to a video monitoring function, this system for observing and analysing web breaks gives you information about the cause of a web break. The picture and film material thus obtained can be used for lodging complaints with the paper supplier or for fault analysis.  

Adjustment devices

Koenig & Bauer offers a large number of devices as press upgrades. These compensate for faults or fluctuations, for example in the fields of cutting register, colour register, colour density, fan-out etc. For you, this means: less waste, consistently high quality of the printed product as well as less manual intervention by the operator.

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