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The objective of any company is to achieve as efficient a value-added chain as possible. A precondition for this is high machine availability with trouble-free production sequences that can be planned. For this reason: make your rotary press fit for the future.

Be fit and stay fit – with press and controller retrofits

For example with a retrofit for your out-of-date press and controller technology. In this way you can maintain the customary high productivity of your press, as well as spare parts availability, even over a longer press service life.

Fit for the future, by modifying your printing press

Adaptability is one of the most important properties for long-term success. This is why you should react to changes in general conditions, for example increasing cost pressure or frequent changes in print volumes – by modifying your printing press. Here we can offer you a large number of services, such as:

  • Expanding your printing press with additional assemblies and press components
  • Reconfiguring your press, for example for a narrower or variable web width
  • Increased production reliability
  • Reliable availability of spare parts
  • Increased press availability
  • Tailored retrofit services
  • Calculable costs
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The development of electronics continues to accelerate. Hardly has a new technology been launched on the market than it is out of date again. Electronic spare parts for older presses could quickly become scarce commodities. This may disrupt an otherwise smooth production process. With a retrofit by our experienced specialists, systems that have seen better days can be made ready for the future again.

In a press retrofit, the motors, controllers, software, switchgear, control units or the entire system, depending on requirements, are replaced by the next generation of products.

Exact planning in advance helps to avoid subsequent nasty surprises

Retrofit measures are planned extremely precisely in advance and are adapted to your needs. Your concerns, for example fixed production times, are taken into account. In this way, you benefit from the smooth, fast and professional implementation of the project.

Your retrofit – either complete or just step-by-step

Depending on your wishes, the retrofit can be carried out in one big conversion operation, for example, or in several small steps. For example, you can replace individual press components earlier or later, depending on your spare parts stocks, with the latest generation of equipment. For you, this means: increased flexibility in your budget planning.

Retrofit Units
Retrofit Press Control System
Retrofit Drive Control
Retrofit Drives
Retrofit Exchange-Kit

The replacement of the systems in question includes the migration of different operating systems and the porting of proven software/parameters onto the follow-up system.

Cut costs and expand your range of formats

Cost-cutting made easy: fixed reduction in web width

Converting your printing press to a fixed, narrower web width offers you the opportunity to cut your production costs significantly and above all sustainably. In this way, enormous savings can be achieved with the consumables used, paper, ink or also printing chemicals. On account of the enormous savings potential, such an investment pays off after only a short time.

Maximum production flexibility through variable web width

A variable web width, on the other hand, makes it possible to process different web widths without compromising on printing or folding quality. This leads to enormous flexibility in production, since products of different widths can be produced on the same printing press. In this way, higher press utilisation can be achieved, leading to improvements in earning power. Since the requirements vary from printing company to printing company (variation in web width, number of webs etc.), Koenig & Bauer offers three alternative concepts for handling variable web widths: turning in the superstructure, a spreading device and adjustable formers.

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