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Besides sophisticated and innovative printing press technology, qualified technical personnel is the basis for maximum productivity and printing quality.  

Training courses to meet all requirements

This is why we would like to help you to maintain and improve the efficiency of your printing company with our Koenig & Bauer-Fit training courses. The entire Koenig & Bauer-Fit programme has a modular structure and can therefore be configured individually. For example, you can select an individual training plan for your personnel from the wide range of training courses.  

Experienced trainers and instructors

The training courses are conducted by competent trainers with many years of practical experience. The training courses can be held either onKoenig & Bauer's premises in spacious, well-equipped training rooms, or directly in your printing company:  

"In-house" training

  • Modern training centre
  • Detailed training models
  • Efficient training in small groups  

"On-site" training

  • Customer-specific training programme
  • Tailored to your system
  • Specially adapted to your needs
  • Comprehensive range of training services
  • Modular structure allows an individual programme
  • Expand and consolidate the technical competence of your staff
  • The latest press-specific information, first-hand
  • Experienced product trainers and instructors

It is your choice

Whether an individual building block or a service package with all options, our modular concept lets you put together your own individual Koenig & Bauer-Fit programme to suit your individual requirements.  

A wide variety of possible combinations  

To adapt the content optimally to your requirements, you can combine the training content of different modules or focus on specific topics in your Koenig & Bauer-Fit training programme.  

Combination with Koenig & Bauer Service Agreement

By linking the Koenig & Bauer-Fit modules with a Koenig & Bauer Service Agreement, you benefit from various volume and time-specific discounts.  

Have you not found any suitable course?

Talk to your personal Service Manager about possible training content, for example also about supplier systems, and ask for our comprehensive training catalogue. We shall be pleased to advise you!

This is a refresher course about the function and operation of the printing unit, superstructure and folder for printing personnel:  

  • Checking the inking and dampening roller settings
  • Checking the operation of the printing units
  • Checking the working methods at the control console
  • Checking the web tension settings
  • Checking the former settings
  • Checking the product-specific folder settings

The objective of this course is the joint optimisation of the technical printing settings and parameters. The most important aspects are:  

  • Checking and optimising the start-up sequence to reduce waste
  • Checking and optimising the colour and damping curves
  • Checking the fan-out setting and image tracking control (if fitted)
  • Checking and if necessary optimising the presetting system

We offer a broad spectrum of training modules for maintenance personnel as well as printers:  

  • Theoretical and practical courses in the fields of mechanical systems, electrics and electronics, and printing technology • Subject-specific intensive courses
  • Subject-specific optimisation courses
  • Refresher courses based on previous courses
  • Briefing courses (electrical and mechanical)
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