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High cost pressure and a constantly changing market situation mean that you as a manufacturer of printed products have to face new challenges every day. In order to survive in this tough competition, you have to identify and exhaust all optimisation options.  

Comprehensive range of consulting services

To help you, Koenig & Bauer offers a large number of consulting services individually adapted to your needs to support you in further optimising the performance of your printing company. From printing process analysis to a comprehensive view of the processes in your company, from incoming goods to the point of delivery.  

Identifying fields where action is needed & benefiting from potentials

With professional methods and tools, we can support you in the identification of possible potentials, together with you we can define process optimisation measures, and on request we can help you to implement these measures. Our outsider's point of view guarantees the necessary objectivity in the analysis or implementation of such measures.

  • Utilisation of possible cost saving potentials
  • Transparent and efficient processes
  • Use of professional tools and methods
  • Modules can be designed individually
  • Modules can be integrated in Service Agreements

Our modular concept gives you the choice

Whether an individual building block or a service package with all options, our modular concept lets you put together your own individual SelectFit programme to suit your individual requirements.  

A combination with a Service Agreement saves costs

By linking the SelectFit modules with a Service Agreement, you also benefit from volume and time-specific discounts.

Many different cost saving potentials can be used through process optimisation, for example by means of the more efficient deployment of resources. A clear definition of your corporate processes also creates the necessary transparency.  

Process analysis

With a SelectFit process analysis, we can support you in the identification of areas where action has to be taken in your printing company. We first carry out an analysis of the current situation and then derive any necessary optimisation measures. Component parts:

  • Analysis of the current processes within a printing company, from sales to delivery
  • Analysis report with outlook of potential  

Process optimisation

With SelectFit process optimisation, we can support you in the implementation of improvement measures. Here, the agreed measures are implemented – together with you – and the potential thus determined is achieved step by step.

Printing process analysis

The objective of a printing process analysis is to identify any incompatibilities in the components used and in the process stages. The most important components are:  

  • Comprehensive review of the process engineering parameters in the press
  • Recording of the print materials used and their process-relevant interactions
  • Recording of the production process of the printing plates according to ISO standards
  • Comprehensive review of the production-relevant parameters  

Printing Process Optimisation

Use our know-how in the implementation of your optimisation measures. Here, the measures resulting from and agreed in the SelectFit printing process analysis are implemented. This means, for example, that we optimise process engineering parameters or try out printing materials for process optimisation.

Print tests closely modelled on IFRA and Fogra parameters

Our experienced printing technicians carry out the print quality test with a special test print form closely modelled on IFRA / Fogra parameters. The subsequent evaluation and documentation of the results by our experts document the printing efficiency of your company. You can thus determine your technical situation at regular intervals.  

The performance check for your printing press comprises the following:  

  • Inspection of the printing unit to be tested
  • Print tests by a Koenig & Bauer printing instructor
  • Implementation is accompanied by a Koenig & Bauer printing engineer
  • Evaluation by a Koenig & Bauer printing engineer
  • Comprehensive documentation of all evaluated parameters
  • Final discussion for evaluation purposes
  • SelectFit Quality Certificate is handed over
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