Digital & Webfed ServiceUpgrades for gravure printing presses

Bring your gravure printing system into top form: optimise your productivity as well as your print quality and benefit from additional production options.  

Optimise your gravure printing press

For example, we recommend replacing the impression rollers in your system to improve the impression throw-on. Here we offer two innovative impression roller versions which adapt ideally to the bending line of the forme cylinder. We also have various optimisation solutions in our portfolio for your blade device, for inking or also for drying.  

New production options

An upgrade with a turning device gives you additional production options. This means that when you are using a narrower web width, you can use the same printing units for recto and verso printing. This is ideal for the cost-effective printing of products with small numbers of pages.

  • Optimisation of printing quality through improved impression throw-on or also blade device
  • Easier, simpler operation of certain functions
  • Improved productivity through new options for more cost-effective production
  • Upgrades by experienced Koenig & Bauer specialists

Avoiding colour toning

Different colour combination patterns on the surface of the forme cylinder can lead to uneven warming and thus to expansion of the doctor blade. With normal blade holders, this causes wave formation in the doctor blade. The result is a reduction in the print quality on account of a “mottled” impression. In the version with a hydraulic clamp, the blade is not held firmly when the blade flap is closed, but it is still fixed safely in position. The doctor blade is automatically aligned with the stop edge of the doctor blade support.  

The doctor blade can be changed easily and safely thanks to the hydraulic blade clamp

This blade clamp can be opened and closed easily and safely by hydraulics, using a hand lever valve. Incorrect operation of the blade jaws while the press is running is thus prevented. In this way, the risk of injury to the operator during changeover, for example by jamming his finger, can be significantly reduced.  

It is also possible to upgrade the blade devices on the gravure printing presses from other manufacturers.  

We can optimise the inking of your gravure printing press

Our specialists have developed an improved inking system to optimise existing systems. The most important aspects here are:  

  • The ink duct has a defined ink overflow which guarantees a constant ink level
  • The ink duct can be emptied completely after printing
  • The holder of the height adjustment unit is reinforced to guarantee a defined installation position
  • Ink splashing is significantly reduced due to the design of our inking rollers

Nipco Print Roller impression roller system

The Nipco Print Roller impression roller system consists of a coated glass fibre tube which rotates around a vertical axis. The edge areas which are created with narrower web widths are "pulled up" with counteracting support elements. This means that no ink is transferred onto the surface of the Nipco Print Roller in the edge area.  

Compensation impression roller system with sleeve technology

The design of the compensation impression roller was optimally adjusted to the sag behaviour of the forme cylinder through the position of the internal bearing. By regulating the adjustment, the shell of the impression roller is pressed against the forme cylinder and adapts to the bending line of the forme cylinder.  

The impression roller surface is pushed onto a pneumatic, slightly conical impression roller pin, like a sleeve, and fixed in position.  

The impression roller width can easily be adjusted to the width of the web, and if necessary it is also possible to switch between an electrically conductive and an electrically non-conductive surface.

Operating principle of the turning device

Upgrading with a turning device makes it possible to feed a narrow web a second time through the same printing units. After the recto side has been printed, the web is fed back to the first printing unit (yellow). The web now runs through the recto printing units once more. This time, however, the verso side is printed.  

Ideal for small numbers of pages

This type of production allows the cost-effective printing of products with small numbers of pages: advertising prospectuses, high quality brochures, envelopes and much more.  

Inline finishing

Since the verso printing units remain unused in this type of production, they can be used for finishing or for imprinting special colours.  

The advantages of the turning device at a glance:

  • The scope is variable, therefore practically no trimming
  • Low cost for form production
  • The paper to be printed does not have to meet any special standards
  • Customary gravure printing quality + Several options for inline finishing
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